A Year Later

The outcasts have gone through quite on ordeal since last reported, though that would take far too long to record everything they have done. In summary they have met and recruited quite a few people to their cause. The Alderaanian Resistance is growing stronger each day as their agents, including the outcasts, take down the Empire one little step at a time.

The most recent mission found the outcasts going to Blankity 4 to hunt down the illusive Crimson Fist to their cause. He was a very mysterious figure who has been said to exist for thousands of years. If this person is in fact that old his skills would be quite useful to their cause so they went in search of him. Infiltrating the party of a uppercrust Imperial Noble the outcasts managed to sneak their way in and try to find the Crimson Fist, though it seems he found them first. He moved really fast and took down an entire room of Stormtroopers before the outcasts could even blink, granted they were a bit hazy from the sleeping draft that the Crimson Fist created by mixing one harmless chemical into the food and drinks of the party, then when combined with a gas form of another chemical that he poured into the air vents of the manor, when combined those harmless chemicals created a potent sleeping draft and knocked most of the guests out cold.

The Crimson Fist stole the contents of the vault and presented it to the outcasts as a gift. To their unfortunate surprise the Crimson Fist turned out to be Qual, their timid doctor. At least the mission wasn’t a complete failure for they stole 100,000 credits worth of goods from the Imperial Noble’s vault, most of which will be funneled into the resistance making them that much stronger. On said mission they met up with Chip Swearington, who was a clone trooper who trained Hilliard back on Tatooine during the clone wars. He apparently knew the location of Hilliard’s family so they traveled to Watchamakallit and met up with his wife Claire. Unfortunately his daughter Rima was taken mysteriously like many of the other children that have been disappearing in the outer rim.

Called to duty once more the outcasts take Clair with them and go to a distant planet to free an enslaved people and perhaps gain strong new allies in the process.

Session 5
Cato Neimoidia - AWH Part 1

After a Month of recuperating on the newly constructed Nebulon B Frigate, The Resurgence, the outcasts find themselves being summoned into the briefing room. It seems the Admiral they rescued from the planet Felucia has finally recovered and is going to reveal what he knows about the Empire and what the outcasts can do to stop them. Following close behind the administrative droid 3D-4Y they see the many faces they have come to know during their stay. Gaph waves to his Ithorian friend Xam Saar who is the ship’s local engineer with a lot of enthusiasm for technology. Gaph knows of him because during his month on The Resurgence he spent a lot of time in Xam’s workshop where he had begun putting together a droid for spare parts.

Continuing on through the massive corridors of the ship the outcasts bumped into a frantic Jack who seemed on edge about something.

“What is wrong, Jack?” asked Gaph

“I do hope you haven’t seen that Ithorian nearby, he keeps asking me if he can look under my Chassis to see what makes me tick”

Gaph laughed, “Never thought I’d see you afraid of a, what do you call it…”

Jack interrupts, “Fleshy biped”

“Well come with us, Jack, we are being summoned to the briefing room to get our next assignment,” Tal said walking calmly as though he was never near death just a few weeks ago.

The briefing room aboard the Resurgence was clean and white with several benches wrapping smoothly around a holographic projector seated on a raised dais in the center of the room. The projector sprung to life, and the blue-tinted hologram of a Hutt appears to hover a few inches away from the projectors three curved prongs. With a brusque clearing of his throat, former Imperial officer Gilder Varth began to speak, wasting little time on pleasantries.

“Before the Empire decided my conscience was a liability,” he says, “I was involved peripherally in a top-secret plan known as the Sarlacc Project. While the details of the project are unknown to me, I was involved in the transfer of large sums of credits and resources to the project. Whatever the project entails, it is taking up a lot of the Empire’s time and effort. Moreover, I believe that this Sarlacc Project is destroying the lives of thousands of sentient beings; casualty reports crossed my desk on a regular basis. Unfortunately, I don’t know much more than that. However, during my brief brushes with the project, I discovered that the Imperial Navy was hiding the program’s existence from the Senate by transferring resources through secondary sources. Resources were routed through the Corporate Sector, through fake contractors, and through the criminal underworld to keep a trail from leading back to the project.

One such secondary source was a Hutt crime lord named Darga. Like all Hutts, Darga is a slimy gangster whose love of credits is exceeded only by his love of power. Part of my job involved transferring resources to Darga, and in turn arranging for Imperial agents to take control of other resources from the Hutt’s organization. These were not specified, but physical resources were definitely being exchanged. Though it’s not much, this is the only lead we have.

Captain Verana has charged me with helping to uncover more about the Sarlacc Project, and he has authorized me to use you as my agents. We need you to travel to the planet of Cato Neimoidia and find Darga the Hutt. See if you can learn what he is trading in and how it relates to the Sarlacc Project.”

Varth keeps the briefing short and sweet. He as an air about him that immediately recalls his military past; though he is not unfriendly, he spares no time for idle chatter. It was clear to the outcasts that Varth had not adjusted to life outside of the Imperial Navy; he still acted with the same rigidity that is characteristic of all Imperial Officers. He even seemed uncomfortable in his Alderaanian uniform but it seemed his professionalism wouldn’t allow him to voice any complaints. The man was all business, and though he seemed genuine in his assertions, he remained largely unreadable.

After the briefing the outcasts looked around at each other and began asking questions about the mission. Hilliard was the first to speak, “Why should we do this for you?”

“In exchange for your assistance, Captain Verana has authorized me to pay each of you a modest sum. Additionally, this may be a chance to discover what the Empire is planning with the Sarlacc Project-which could have big repercussions if I am right.”

Tal asked the next question, “What else do you know about this, Sarlacc Project?” Varth shakes his head, “Not much more than I’ve told you. My only involvement came in managing resources, and most of those transactions were encoded.”

Entering data into his datapad Gaph looks up, “And how are we supposed to find this, Darga the Hutt?”

“Unfortunately, Darga’s exact whereabouts are unknown. However, he has been seen in the Cato Neimoidian city of Zarra. Chances are that someone in the city knows where he is.”

“Okay Admiral, so we get there and find out where to find this overgrown slug, how do we discover the extent of his involvement in this Sarlacc project, are we supposed to just walk up to him and ask nicely?” Hilliard said with sarcasm in his voice.

Varth adjusts his collar, “Darga is not one to give up his secrets easily, but he has been known to take associates into his trust. If you can get inside his palace, he might reveal what is going on-or you might be able to find out by snooping around.”

Standing up from the bench to adjust his clothing Tal asks, “What do you know about the city of Zarra?”

“Zarra was heavily damaged during the Clone Wars, and half of the city is still in ruins. The few residents that have chosen to remain inhabit a cluster of settlements on one end of the city.”

Gaph pockets his datapad, “Okay then, so when do we leave and how do we get there?” Varth responds, “Captain Verana has charted passage for you aboard the Banshee, the transport vessel captained by Sirona Okeefe. After helping you rescue me from my prison on Felucia, Captain Okeefe quickly found herself on retainer.”

“Well I suggest we gather some supplies for the journey, I will stop by the medical wing to acquire some medical supplies,” Tal said exiting the room through the blast door, quickly followed by Jack who cautiously peered around the corners before exiting the door still afraid of Xam. Gaph, chuckling to himself at Jack’s strange behavior headed off towards Xam’s work shop to gather any supplies he may need for adjusting his weapons or datapad in anyway.

“Greetings Xam, seems we are finally heading out on a mission, just came to gather some of the supplies I have been working on.”

The Ithorian looks up at Gaph in excitement, “A mission you say? Is that droid you call Jack accompanying you?”

Gaph shook his head, “Yes, he will be helping us out again.”

The Ithorian sulked back into his chair, “How unfortunate, I would love to see what makes that droid tick, I have never seen anything like it before. It may prove to be interesting to implement with the droid I have been working on.”

“Well I don’t know what kind of supplies we’ll come across on the mission, but is there anything I could pick up for you for your droid project?”

Xam shook his head, “Yes, I would very much like to have a translator unit to install in the droid. I am afraid I haven’t come across one in my travels yet or in the shipments we have gotten recently. If you can find one I will gladly pay you for your efforts and the merchandise.”

Gaph entered some information into his datapad, “Translator unit, got it, I will see what I can do, Xam, take care of yourself.”

“You be careful yourself, you know how the empire can be, come back in one piece,” Xam said turning back to his workbench.

Hilliard, having no need to obtain any extra equipment made his way to The Banshee, which was parked in the docking bay of the Resurgence. He saw Sirona loading some crates onto the ship and waved at her. She saw him in the distance and gave a quick smile before going back to what she was doing.

He approached her and asked, “Can I help you with anything?”

“Well if you got a spare set of arms I could use a hand with some of these boxes,” she said pointing to the pile on the floor.

“Man those look pretty heavy of course I will assist you,” he said bending down to pick up two, realizing they were too heavy he quickly dropped them back to the ground and grabbed the one from the top.

Sirona laughed at him as she picked up two crates all by herself without any problem, “Don’t strain yourself, chief, you wouldn’t want to get shot in the face by a Stormtrooper because you hurt your arm and couldn’t even lift your blaster.” Hilliard blushed with embarrassment, “Well if it came down to that I would have to talk him down, I am pretty good with people.”

Sirona laughed, “Yeah, Jack told me how well you negotiate, with a swift blaster shot to the face. Strangely enough it almost seemed like he was bragging about it.” “Yeah well, Jack is, well he is a different kind of droid, kind of like Crash.” A voice echoed from the cockpit, “Don’t compare me to that blood thirsty brute, because I choose to be a safe distance away from any kind of danger means I am nothing like him!”

“Relax, Crash, don’t get your circuits in a bunch,” Sirona shouted back towards the cockpit.

“I am not sure I understand what you mean, Sirona, I am designed so my circuits would never intertwine how would they get into a bunch?” Crash asked confusingly. Sirona and Hilliard both laughed as they continued to load the last of the crates onto the ship. Back in the medical bay Tal found himself greeted by the warm smile of Doctor Dari Nost. “Greetings, Tal, how are you feeling today?”

“I am back to my old self once more, thanks to your exquisite medical skills, I owe you my life.”

Doctor Nost shook her head, “No need for that, I was just doing my job, though you were pretty badly beaten up I must say.”

“I am actually going out on a new mission shortly, I came here to see if I could procure a surgical kit in case one of my comrades gets as injured as I did last time,” Tal said crossing the room towards the supply closet.

“Certainly, I would gladly give you one if we weren’t so short on supplies, but I will give you a fair price, exactly what it costs us to get a new one, 600 credits?” “That is more than fair, thank you.”

With a quick smile she accepts the credits, “Thank you. I am sorry about the propaganda they are spreading about you on the holonet, I know you would never execute someone in cold blood, the Jedi are a noble people, it just seems the galaxy has forgotten that.”

“There will always be propaganda about my former order, especially when most of the galaxy is answering to a Sith as their emperor. Thank you again for the supplies, hopefully we will not have to use them, but it is better safe than sorry.” Tal said with a quick wave goodbye he exited towards the docking bay.

After a short while all of the outcasts and Jack met back up on board the Banshee as Sirona and Crash plotted the best course to Cato Neimoidia Crash began complaining as usual about how the outcasts were going to be the death of him while Sirona just laughed and told him to chill out. The stars began to streak past them as they made the jump to hyperspace. The journey was safe and uneventful as the stars streaked back into place and the planet of Cato Neimoidia appeared before them as they made their descent to the spaceport in the city of Zarra.

The planet is far from its former glory in the days before the clone wars. A world in the Colonies, Cato Neimoidia should be far more populated than it is. There is very little traffic travelling to and from the world. As the Banshee descended towards the planet, it flies through layers of clouds and zooms over cities built on massive bridges between rock arches. However, the bridge cities were all but abandoned seemingly left to rot after the Clone Wars.

The Banshee safely sets down without any problems or any sign of Imperial presence. Propaganda posters lined the walls of the spaceport, though there were no Stormtroopers or Imperial officers around to be seen. The outcasts look around, wondering what the best course of action may be. Sirona emerged from the ship. “I know the Imperial presence is low right now but still be careful, this is still an Imperial controlled planet and I am sure that number can change at any given notice.”

“Don’t worry Sirona, we will stay discrete, we don’t want to tip the hutt off on our intentions,” Hilliard said.

Jack chimed in, “Sir, if it you want to be discrete, may I suggest not blasting people in the face, no matter how fun it may be. I am programmed for infiltration if you need assistance, just ask.”

Tal raised his hands in the air as if feeling an invisible box, and closed his eyes, “This planet is very strong in dark energy, we should be cautious, war torn planets breed dark energy.”

“I will be on the Banshee if you need anything like an emergency evac, hopefully it won’t come down to that, if all goes well you should get the information and be able to leave the planet without drawing too much attention to yourselves,” Sirona said before going back inside the banshee.

The city of Zarra itself was dilapidated to the point of being hazardous. As the outcasts walked the streets they saw little in the way of authority or commerce. Several large buildings appeared to have been lavish palaces of Neimoidian merchants, but now lie half toppled and mostly destroyed. Rubble littered the streets, while landspeeders veered sharply to avoid chunks of permacrete lying haphazardly in the road. Though a number of beings, mostly shabby-looking Neimoidians, roamed the streets, it was clear that Zarra had been nearly abandoned since the clone wars.

As the outcasts stood in the streets of Zarra they noticed how quickly the streets seemed to have emptied out suddenly out of the blue. Before they could even think about it a swoop gang pulled up and circled around them howling and hooting while revving their repulsors. A young female human inched her bike in front of the rest and addressed the outcasts directly.

“It seems you didn’t pay the viper’s landing fee of 1000 credits, so pay up or we’ll have to teach you some manners,” the girl said with her arms crossed giving Hilliard an evil glare.

Gaph stepped forward, “Listen, we don’t mean you any harm just leave us be we have some business to attend to.”

The girl shrieked to her gang, “This guy ain’t got no manners talking to a lady like that, teach um a lesson boys!”

With that the swoops came back to life as they began circling the outcasts, cutting off any escape route. The first bike broke off from the group and began speeding towards Gaph with a vibroblade in hand taking a swift strike. Gaph was taken off guard but still managed to avoid any serious damage as he quickly ducked out of the way taking a shot at the attacker with his blaster pistol which unfortunately missed. A few more bikes broke formation and drove towards the group taking wild swings at Tal, Hilliard, and Jack which all missed, but they were gearing up for another assault. The next bike began his attack run, but Jack, beginning to grow impatient with this distraction fired a rocket from his wrist directly at the approaching bike, which hit as it exploded into a million pieces and the gang member fell dead, in multiple places.

Tal reached out with the force at the next two attacking bikes and swiftly lifted and slammed them back to the ground. One rider fell off, but the girl, who appeared to be the leader, managed to hold on tight. Realizing she was up against a Jedi the girl quickly threw a round object into the middle of the outcasts that quickly blew up in a blinding flash of light. Distracted and unaware of what was happening they didn’t notice her speed off into the distance, retreating. The remaining bikers kept circling them not allowing them to escape, so they were unable to pursue the leader. The gang began their next wave of attack, but this time two of them were met with a hail of blaster fire from Hilliard and Gaph downing two more bikers. Tal took a swipe at his attacker with his lightsaber, severing the nose of the swoop bike sending it into a spiral of death as it blew up against a nearby building. The last biker, seeing Jack standing there unarmed, figured he would take a swipe at the defenseless droid so at least he could feel superior to something. With a loud war cry he sped the swoop bike directly towards Jack with his vibroblade drawn. With all his might and the speed of the swoop behind him he took a mighty swing at Jack, who quickly ducked under the blade as if anticipating the attack, spinning around quickly it looked as though he took an unarmed swing at the back of the bike before it passed. Before the gang member knew it his swoop bike just exploded due to the frag grenade Jack had just tagged his bike with. The outcasts looked around at the carnage that now lay in the streets as they searched the bodies of the bikers for anything of value or any information that may lead them to Darga.

Unfortunately for them it seems that if this swoop gang was at all affiliated with Darga the Hutt they didn’t advertise it with any form of identification or datapad. With no luck from the gang, Gaph decided to utilize his underworld contacts to try to ascertain the location of Darga the Hutt. After several hours passed and a couple hundred credits later, Gaph was able to get information about a Neimoidian named Krett who owned a local cantina called The Federation’s Folly, his contacts swear if anybody knows anything in Zarra it would be him because people have a tendency to talk to him while intoxicated by Jawa Juice. The outcasts made their way over to the Federation’s Folly and approached the counter looking at Krett, who was attending to the various customers with a towel thrown over his shoulder. Seeing Gaph slam his hand down on the table Krett made his way over to him, “What’s your poison?”

Gaph took a quick look around the bar and saw that the drink of choice seemed to be Jawa Juice, “Give me a round of Jawa Juice for me and my friends here.” Krett cautiously eyed Hilliard and Tal before turning back to Gaph, “I am required to warn you that Jawa Juice can be a very powerful, mind affecting, drink that should be consumed responsibly, that being said, that’ll be 20 credits a glass.” Gaph rolled his eyes, “That is quite a lot for Jawa Juice don’t you think?” “Listen pal, if you haven’t noticed this isn’t exactly Coruscant, we have no Jawas living among us so it costs a lot of money to get it imported over here, and I am sure you noticed we do not get a lot of traffic here, if you don’t want the drinks leave me be I have a business to run,” Krett said wiping the counter vigorously with his towel.

“I understand friend, here you go. So you must see a lot of interesting people come in and out of here, perhaps even a Hutt named Darga?” Gaph said sipping his Jawa Juice.

“Sure I serve a lot of people here, I got a business to run, and a family to support so every little bit counts,” Krett said slamming a tip jar on the counter. Seeing the jar Gaph realized he was looking for a bribe, so he threw 150 credits into the jar, “Thanks for the drink friend, you run a pretty nice place here.” Krett shifted his eyes left to right before looking back at Gaph leaning in closer talking in more of a whisper now, “I had a customer in here the other day blabbing about losing some Sabaac game recently. He was complaining for a solid hour, but if I remember correctly he did mention Darga the Hutt, perhaps it was Darga’s game. I would talk to Vigro, he runs the landspeeder repair shop up the road that way. Now if you excuse me I still have a business to run.”

“Thank you for your time, Krett,” Gaph said getting off the bar stool. Krett threw the towel back over his shoulder and went about attending to the other customers once more. With the name Vigro in mind the outcasts walked over to the broken down building with the sign falling off of the wall that read Vigro’s Repulsorlifts. Upon entering the building, scattered about the store were various parts thrown on some makeshift shelves. To the back there was a garage bay door that you could see several landspeeders being worked on by a few droids while behind the counter to the right there was a male neimoidian wearing a carbon stained jumpsuit that looked to have some point been orange but the dirt and other substances made that barely noticeable. He looked up to them as they entered the shop with a look of suspicion on his face. “May I help you with something?”

Tal stepped up to the counter, “So we heard from Krett that you may know where we may find Darga the Hutt?”

Without making eye contact Vigro quickly responded, “Why would I know anything about a Hutt, when is the last time you saw a Hutt driving a Landspeeder I ask you. I only know the people who come into the store for parts or repairs.”

Tal looked back towards Gaph who stepped forward, “We heard that you know Darga from a Sabaac game you played in recently.”

“Sure I play Sabaac, I have a soft spot for the game I can’t help it, I play with a lot of people but I think I would remember playing with a Hutt in all fairness they are rather hard to miss. Now do you actually have credits to spend here on parts or repairs or are you just wasting my time because I could definitely use them if you do, times are hard, and you already know I have a soft spot for Sabaac,” Vigro said looking down at the tip jar he had stashed on the counter.

Hilliard spoke, “You said you liked Sabaac, I would love to get into a game, do you know of any games going on?”

Vigros eyes lit up, “You play Sabaac too friend, sure I could get us in the next game, I’ll tell you where it is if you spot me the thousand credit buy in.” Hilliard shook his head, “That’s a bit too rich for my blood, but you are right, you seem to run a tight business, keep up the good work.”

Seeing Hilliard slip another 150 credits into the tip jar Vigro finally made eye contact with him, “Okay so I did play in a game of Sabaac recently. I was on a hot streak I knew I couldn’t lose so I took a loan from this guy that was at the table named Salitt. He informed me that I would have to pay back every credit plus interest or I would anger Darga. I could care less about his warning I thought I had an unbeatable hand so I threw it all in including the loan he just gave me. To my disappointment the bastard threw a fools array down on the table taking both pots and leaving me with nothing but the clothes on my back, which I would have traded in if they were worth anything. I never dealt with Darga directly but Salitt must if he is giving loans in Darga’s name I would try him though I don’t know where he would be at this time. Is that all? If that is so I must be getting back to my work so I can make money before Darga throws a bounty hunter my way.”

Vigro went back into the garage to check on the progress of his droids as the outcasts walked back out into the streets. After talking to a few more citizens on the street about Salitt it doesn’t take long for them to point the outcasts in the right direction. Apparently everyone knows Salitt, claiming he is one crazy old bastard who usually hangs out behind the Federation’s Folly. They made their way back to the cantina and quickly walked around to the back where there was a neimoidian wearing the worn and tattered robes of a nobleman of the trade federation. He looked at them as if they were beneath him and just speaks, “What business do you have with me, do you know I used to be the Viceroy for the Trade Federation back in the day I wouldn’t even waste a glance at you, now quickly speak, I haven’t got all day.”

Taken aback by this outrageous claim Tal took a minute to finally ask, “Excuse me…sir, could you tell us where we might be able to find Darga the Hutt?” Salitt, while pacing in the alley responded, “The real question is when my shuttle will arrive to escort me off this dead rock to the estate on the planet Dantooine that I am entitled to as the Viceroy of the Trade Federation, of course how can they land if they can’t pay the docking fee, funny when I was in charge I don’t remember there being a docking fee.”

“Um, okay, not to sound rude…sir, but what are you talking about?” Tal asked in confusion.

“I have to get out of here the Republic will hunt me down if they know I was still here….wait are you with the Republic, stay away from me I know how to fight,” Salitt said raising his hands in a fighting stance.

Tal turned to Gaph and Hilliard shrugging. Gaph stepped forward to ask, “Excuse me, Viceroy; we heard from Vigro that you were giving out loans in Darga the Hutt’s name, could you tell us anything about that?”

Salitt gave Gaph a look of disgust as if he just spoke out of turn, “Why is it so hard to believe that the Viceroy can’t loan out some credits where they are needed, I have a fortune if I could just find my house, it is not where it used to be. I hid the safe behind the portrait of that Hutt I can’t remember his name.”

Gaph smiled thinking he was making progress, “Was it Darga?”

Salitt crossed his arms and stared at the ground, “It is a shame I didn’t bring my credstick now I can’t even afford a simple drink at the cantina, back in the day Twi’lek slave girls served me drinks in their underwear if I asked it, now it is hopeless unless I can find my house and get my credits, the Hutt told me he would help me find my house here on the planet if I helped him out. Loaning out credits in his name, it is quite demeaning when you think about the position of power I held only a few short years ago.”

“Where can we find this, Hutt?”

Salitt just responded, “I can’t remember where my house is, quit badgering me, I used to be the Viceroy of the Trade Federation damnit!”

Gaph turned back to the others in defeat looking about as if hoping someone else has an idea on what to do next. Finally the silence is broken when Jack stepped forward raising his blaster rifle, “It seems this fleshy biped is malfunctioning, may I shoot him in the face now, sir, it would bring me great pleasure.”

Tal pushed Jack back, “No, Jack, there will be no shooting of anyone, I am sure we can reach a peaceful solution, we must negotiate with him some more.”

“Sure, Hilliard can negotiate with people by shooting them in the face, but when I ask to do it I am rejected,” Jack said condescendingly reattaching his blaster rifle to his hip.

Tal handed Salitt 200 credits, “Thank you for your troubles, Viceroy, perhaps you can use this to buy a drink.”

Salitt looked down at the credits and quickly slipped them into his pocket, “Normally a person of my stature would never accept a bribe so meager, but times are hard. I will gladly pay you back when I find my house. To answer your question no I did not deal with Darga directly I was approached by another fellow not too long ago. He asked me to sit at a few Sabaac games to hand out loans in Darga’s name. I took my datapad and entered in the amount I loaned out and to whom I loaned it to. After I was done he would scan my datapad and take any credits I didn’t loan out. I assume he would take it back to Darga directly, though with an authority figure such as him sometimes you have to go down the grapevine when it comes to remaining secure and safe, I should know I used to be the Viceroy for the Trade Federation. I just need to find my house.”

“Thank you, your Excellency, but may I ask what his name was, the man who hired you to do this?”

Salitt crossed his arms and looked at the ground again, “As Viceroy of the Trade Federation I never took the time or effort to remember anybody’s name that was beneath me, but I remember it being either Borlo or Desson I cannot remember which. I have more important matters to attend to, if I could just find my house…”

The outcasts turned away and began to walk off realizing he was either out of his mind or so emotionally scarred he was a rambling idiot, either way they decided it was best to leave him to his own devices as he continued to talk about his house and his other estate off planet because he used to be the Viceroy of the Trade Federation. After talking amongst themselves they decide to look for Borlo to see if he can tell them where Darga is. After talking to his contacts again, Gaph determined that Borlo spent most of his nights at a sleazy dance club called The Gems of Neimoidia. Making their way over there they find Borlo sitting at the stage throwing credits at the dancers. Borlo was a male Rodian so he was easy enough to spot.

Hilliard decided that he would talk to Borlo, “These dancers are really something huh?”

Borlo, not breaking eye contact from the dancer said, “Yes, they are quite fine, I wish I had some more money, I hear with the right amount the owner lets you have some private time with the dancer of your choice.”

Hilliard nods, “That sounds like something, tell me, do you know where I might find Darga the Hutt?

Borlo sits silently for a moment before answering, “I am not sure who you mean, besides, I am a bit pre occupied, it is not polite to keep a lady waiting.”

Hilliard rolled his eyes realizing that Borlo was looking for a bribe. He hands him over 200 credits, “Here my friend, maybe you can put that towards your private audience with that girl.”

Borlo grabs the credits quickly and finally turns to look at Hilliard, “Now that you mention it, I do a little work for Darga the Hutt on occasion, though I have never been invited to his palace so I couldn’t tell you where that is. There is this Devaronian though; they call him “The Doctor” real name is Warrick Raden. He is actually the personal errand boy of Darga so if anyone knows where to find Darga it is him, and on top of that I know exactly where he is. When he is outside the palace he is mostly at the excavation site. He digs around the ruins trying to find things of value for Darga to help build his criminal empire. The excavation site is 10 miles to the north of Zarra, I’d be careful though, lots of colorful folk lives between here and there,” finishing his statement he turns back to the dancer ignoring Hilliard completely now.

Finally after a whole day of searching they had a solid lead on where they might be able to locate Darga, or at least his personal errand boy. They set out on the long journey to the excavation site. Thankfully it is uneventful and they make it there safely. The site is very loud as a pair of excavation droids dig through the rubble. The outcasts begin sneaking around the site eyeing a pair of guards patrolling the area. Moving in quickly they silently take out the guards before anybody is any wiser. The blaster bolts were thankfully masked by the loud noises emanating from the site.

They decide to sneak around the back of the buildings where another pair of guards were talking about something in huttese. Gaph utilized his beak to make a distracting noise that sends one guard off into the distance. Moving quickly in on the remaining guard they are able to take him out before he even knows what hits him. Before they could make it into the ruined building the other guard came back and began to shoot at them. Jack quickly shot him right in the chest as he fell to the ground dead. Sneaking through the rubble and ruins of the building they finally come to the other side where they listen in on a conversation someone is having in huttese.

Peering around the corner, Tal sees a Devaronian talking to a wookie. He reaches out with the force to touch Warrick’s mind. He successfully makes a connection and tells him, “Come Raden, it is your old friend Tal come talk to me.” Affecting his mind, Raden was now convinced that Tal was his old friend and he greeted him warmly with a hearty handshake.

“It has been a long time, friend, what brings you here?” Raden asks.

“Just looking for work, how about you, are you digging for buried treasure or something?” Tal asked pointing to the excavation droids still working.

“Well, a while back I located this hidden CIS weapons cache while digging through this rubble. I was so thrilled with my discovery I ran and told Darga all about it. He seemed quite impressed that I actually found something of value and demanded I bring it back to him immediately. I ran back here to get, and to my surprise it was gone.”

Tal shook his head, “I am sorry to hear that, who else knew about it?”

Raden shrugged, “I don’t know, I only told Darga while I was in his court, but anyone in that room could have heard about it. So I didn’t want to come back empty handed. I had also found a medical cache here and decided it was better than nothing. Boy was I wrong. Darga flipped out on me, that’s when they started calling me the doctor or sometimes Doctor Raden. I was banished from the palace after that. Ever since then I have been digging trying to find something worthy of Darga so I can barter my way back into his court.”

“You need not look any further; my friends and I here were looking to join Darga’s court as well. Perhaps bringing him some strong and capable fighters under his service will make up for something?” Tal asked.

Raden thought for a moment then his face lit up, “Yes, Darga is always looking for strong and loyal followers, come I can take you to him in my landspeeder,” looking at the group counting with his fingers he goes, “hm, well that won’t work, I can only fit one other person, unless you want to ride on the back, but even then only three total can come with us.”

“Well I don’t imagine there will be much killing on this endeavor, so I will just wait for you all back at the Banshee if you need me,” Jack said with a hint of disappointment in his voice. With that said Raden started up the landspeeder while Tal climbed into the passenger seat, while Hilliard and Gaph held onto the back and they zipped off only turning back to see Jack walking away in the distance.

Session 4
Imperial Prison Facility TG Part 4

Tired and drained the outcasts rode back through the forests of Felucia in the direction of the Felucian Village. Not chasing down a speeder bike the ride back was a bit relaxing as the Kybuck ran through the overgrowth at a slower yet still rather swift pace. Finally converging back on the Village they were greeted by Mandrake who seemed eager to hear the news.

“I am to understand you were able to intercept the scout trooper before he could alert the main base?”

Hilliard nodded, “Indeed, we chased him back all the way to a communications outpost and had to fight our way through the outpost and disable all the Imperial forces before they alerted anyone.” Mandrake listened to Hilliard as the Chief looked up at him puzzled. Mandrake began to translate what Hilliard was saying, and as he did so many of the Felucians gathered around the fire listening to the heroic deeds of the Outcasts. The Felucian children started playing in the background imitating some of the recounted events as a sort of game. As this was going on Tal got a strange sense of danger in the force and turned to look at Jack who was doing some kind of mechanical work on his blaster rifle. He saw a pair of Felucian children playing catch and upon further inspection realized it was with one of Jack’s frag grenades. Reaching out with the Force he quickly removed the grenade from their grasp and walked over to Jack angrily.

“What were you thinking letting these children play with such a dangerous weapon?!” Tal yelled as Jack looked up from his project.

“I do not understand, children like to have fun yes?”

“Yes but…” Tal said as Jack interrupted.

“And I find frag grenades quite exhilarating and fun I figured they would as well.” Tal just shook his head, “You are quite a blood thirsty droid aren’t you.”

Jack nodded, “Thank you, now if you do not mind I may need that later,” Jack said as he quickly grabbed the grenade out of Tal’s hand and put it back in a compartment at his waist specifically designed for grenades of all types. He then sat back down on the ground and continued to work on his rifle. Tal rejoined the others as Mandrake concluded the story about the communications outpost to the villagers. Mandrake turned back to the Outcasts and smiled. “They do like a good story.”

Gaph studying his datapad then said, “Not to interrupt story time here but there is a prison facility we still have to break into and according to my calculations, although the atmosphere sometimes creates natural interference to their radio frequency, I wager that they will send a team to check out the outpost after 24 hours of radio silence. Night is already falling upon us but perhaps we can use it to our advantage.”

Tal nodded, “Indeed, but you took quite a hit from that Rancor are you sure you don’t want to rest a bit first?”

Gaph shook his head, “I’ll be fine, but I would be more comfortable knowing a nice bacta tank is waiting for me the sooner we complete our mission.

“Then we leave now,” Hilliard said extending the stock on his rifle.

“The Chief has agreed to send one of his best scouts to help aid you so you can avoid unnecessary hazards that could delay your trip. He also knows of a secret way into the facility that might not be as guarded as the front door, he escaped from it himself a while back,” Mandrake said guiding the Felucian scout with his arm. The scout didn’t hesitate and started exciting towards the jungle in the direction of the facility. Jack, having finally finished his rifle project got up and started to rejoin the outcasts at the village edge, unfortunately one of the Felucian children grabbed onto his leg in some form of a hug, unsure of what it meant Jack reached for his rifle, “What is this hostility?”

Gaph laughed, “No Jack it’s just a hug don’t do anything drastic. It means he likes you and wishes you luck.”

Jack awkwardly patted the child on the head, “Go small life form I am not programmed to understand or acknowledge the emotions of fleshy bipeds.” Not understanding a word Jack said, the child ran off to play with the other children who were still reenacting the glorious battle at the communications outpost. The Chief waved goodbye as did Mandrake as Jack and the outcasts disappeared into the brush. The trek through the jungle was uneventful as the scout skillfully navigated them through hazardous terrain, razor mushrooms, and other dangerous creatures in the forest of mushrooms. A few hours later they arrived at the prison facility. As Mandrake said it was heavily fortified at the main gate. Legions of Stormtroopers marched through the wet and mushy terrain as loud thumping could be heard in the distance signifying one of their walkers was nearby as well. To the left of the gate there was what appeared to be a turret of some kind mounted at the wall with a wide and well protected view of the entire front of the complex. The Felucian signaled the outcasts to follow as he led them to the rear of the facility where there were no signs of guards but also no point of entry. It appeared as if the front door was the only way in or out. Running across the field the Felucian lead them to a small grate barely hanging on its bolts. The scout quickly ran to the nearby brush to hide and wait for them as Gaph used his toolkit to unscrew the bolts and quietly remove the grate. One by one all of them climbed in and Gaph sealed the grate well enough to make it appear as though it was never disturbed. After navigating the ducts the other side lead to what appeared to be a small storage closet where the Imperials kept their cleaning supplies and nothing else of value.

Quietly Hilliard led the group through the hallways disguised in the scout trooper armor he had obtained. He saw what appeared to be a turbo lift in the center of the hallway and went to investigate. Hilliard walked off as Gaph quietly started heading to the nearest closed door to his left. Trying hard not to make a noise he was walking until he accidentally bumped into a mop and bucket that had been left in the hallway as it made a loud banging sound. Knowing he might have blown their cover he quickly hid behind the wall waiting to see what would unfold. Hilliard, hearing the noise turned to look but then was distracted when he noticed an approaching Stormtrooper.

“Halt, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at your post?” the Stormtrooper asked Hilliard.

Underneath the armor Hilliard was sweating like crazy. He couldn’t tell if it was because the armor was stuffy or that he was nervous, either way he was a bumbling idiot. “I ah well, I ah um had orders to come here…”

Suspicious of his odd behavior the Stormtrooper started to reach for his blaster rifle, “What is your authorization code?”

Hilliard ready to break out and fight if he had to was reaching for his blaster when he heard the clanking of Jack’s footsteps behind him; worried Jack was about to blow the lone trooper up Hilliard became even more nervous.

“There you are sir, have you located the captain to tell him the good news? Jack said in his most innocent droid voice his vocabulator could achieve. Still confused Hilliard responded, “Huh?”

“Oh dear sir, that savage must have hit you harder than I thought, we located a Felucian village while scouting the jungles we thought the captain would like to hear the good news and perhaps grant us some more troops to capture them for the project.”

The Stormtrooper lowered his blaster rifle, “Oh well you know how busy the captain can be, you should report to Lt. Aden in the communications center. I have to get back to my post,” the Stormtrooper saluted Hilliard and Jack and walked back down the hallway where he came from. Hilliard let out a big sigh of relief as he walked to the corridor where Gaph was hiding. Joining up with them Tal ran silently to the corridor as they all waited outside of the door. Unsure of what they were going to find Hilliard decided he would go in first. The rest of the outcasts waited with their weapons ready as Hilliard stepped through the door.

Inside he noticed the bulk of this room was taken up by computers and other communications arrays. The far wall jutted outward slightly to make room for a massive computer column, which obviously formed the base of the satellite dish attached to the top of the facility. Blinking lights and flashing monitors indicated that the station was obviously in constant communication with someone, and displays showed sensor readouts from around the station and elsewhere on Felucia.

Looking up from his terminal the Imperial officer looked angrily at Hilliard. “What are you doing here, this is a restricted area?”

Damn that armor really doesn’t breath well, or was that just Hilliard sweating nervously beneath the armor, this time he didn’t have Jack to back him up he just sat there stupidly, “I uh, um. Ah…” panicked Hilliard drew his blaster rifle and took a shot at the officer which missed as he quickly ran out of the room back into the hallway. Surprised to see him in such a hurry to leave the room the rest of the outcasts readied their weapons ready to do some damage. Jack, being impatient ran into the room and fired at one of the comm. operators. Caught off guard by the fact that Jack charged into the room and also that he was a droid the guard didn’t have time to react as the blaster bolt sizzled through his right eye as he fell limp propped up against the satellite base. The other comm. operators took shots at the hostile droid and were dismayed to find that each and over one of them bounced off of his shield.

The Officer panicked by the sight of the deadly droid leaped behind the satellite base and took cover barking orders at the other comm. operators. The rest of the outcasts ran into the room, bottlenecked at the door Gaph and Hilliard took a few shots over Jack and Tal taking extra caution not to him either of them, especially Jack considering a bolt might fly back at your face off his shield at such a close range. The shots missed as the room started to fill with smoke and carbon scoring on all the walls and various computer consoles. Peaking out to take a shot the imperial officer, now known to be Lt. Aden, landed a very lucky strike on an unsuspecting Gaph who was badly damaged as the shot flew through his shoulder. Crying out in pain Gaph ran back behind to others as they supplied cover fire for his retreat.

Tal moved forward lightsaber in hand and began to block and deflect the oncoming shots as he started to close ground on one of the comm. operators. Panicked the comm. operator tried desperately to take a few more shots at the charging Jedi but to no avail, due to his sloppy foot work Tal was able to close right in on him and exploit is unprotected neck and quickly severed the head from his body. He fell on top of the other downed comm. operator that Jack had taken out.

Seeing that there was a Jedi in the room the cocky Lt. Aden said out loud, “If I can capture a Jedi I am sure to get a promotion.” Stepping out of his cover he began firing at the Jedi. Tal desperately attempted to block and deflect the hail of blaster fire from the remaining comm. operator and Lt. Aden but his defense was being weakened and his arms began to tire and they were able to land a few shots to his left arm forcing him to retreat back behind Hilliard and Jack as they provided cover fire. Hilliard stepped up and started closing ground on the comm. operator, who after the last blaster hail needed to change his power pack. As he was fumbling to reload it Hilliard took the opportunity and clubbed him on the head with the butt of his rifle as he crumpled to the ground unconscious.

“Ah, perhaps I underestimated you, I need to call for backup,” Lt. Aden said as he turned his back to make a run for the alarm button. Jack took the opportunity and fired a few shots at his exposed back as he cried out and flew forward losing his balance and crashing into the wall dead. Gaph gripping his damaged arm walked over to the communications computer to see if there was any information worth seeing on the Imperial network. All he found were the remnants of deleted transmissions nothing worth attempting to recover. He did find one transmission that had just been received recently so he opened it and read it aloud to the rest of the outcasts.

//ROUTED . . . SECURITY ENCRYPTION CONFIRMED //FROM PRAKITH CITADEL COMM CENTER VIA HOLONET NODE 6673-ALPHA //FROM NODE 6673-ALPHA VIA STAR DESTROYER ASSIDUOUS Priority 1 Message Follows: Prepare former Admiral Gilder Varth for transfer to the Citadel. Inquisitor Draco will be arriving within a standard Felucian day/night cycle to take custody of the prisoner. You are instructed to have your medical technicians ensure that Varth is fully rested and at his highest possible strength. Interrogation chemicals should be administered to Varth upon notification that the Inquisitor has arrived on Felucia. Varth will be transferred by shuttle to the Assiduous before Inquisitor Draco takes custody. Time from administration of interrogation chemicals to transfer to the Inquisitor’s personal transport should fall within an acceptable window of 27 to 54 minutes. //END TRANSMISSION

Just as Gaph finished reading the transmission they heard a blaster rifle go off as Jack executed the unconscious comm. operator. Tal enraged yelled at Jack, “What were you thinking? He was helpless we do not execute helpless people Jack.

Jack just stared blankly back at Tal and said, “If the fleshy biped rebooted his systems he would be able to alert the rest of the base to our existence and that, however fun and filled with carnage it might be, might not be the best of ideas when trying to rescue a prisoner alive. Though I don’t know why we don’t just kill him and rip the data off of his memory banks when we get back.”

Tal just sighed, “He isn’t a droid, Jack, he’s human.”

“Humans are such complex machines…”

Hilliard, reaching into the pocket of the recently deceased Lt. Aden, found a code cylinder and threw it into his pack, “Come on guys, we got lucky this time we need to find where they keep prisoners and get the hell out of here.”

Gaph griped his arm tightly, “Damn this hurts like a bitch, you guys go on ahead, I will set the bomb here and try to hide it from any prying eyes.”

“I will remain with Gaph, you two go ahead and find Varth,” Tal said shoving Hilliard towards the door. Leading the way Jack walked quietly over to the next door across the hall to their right. Hilliard, worried about the outcome of his last attempt at disguising himself, decided to send Jack in first because they may not question a droid as much as a regular scout trooper. Jack hides his blaster rifle in his chest compartment and casually walked into the room. Once inside, turning his internal comlink on he started to describe the room to Hilliard. The vast room appeared at first glance to be just a regular medical bay with bacta tanks and surgical instruments all over. Upon a closer look jack notices that there are two abominations that look to be mutated Felucians lying on a couple examination tables with a crazed looking researcher pouring over datapads and other notes scattered about the area. A medical droid stands off into the corner.

The researcher upon hearing the door open whips around with a grim expression on his face at the site of Jack standing in the doorway. A wicked smile forms over his face as he quickly unbuckled the straps holding the abominations down saying, “Perfect opportunity to test my specimens. Jack, not being big on being pummeled by large oversized creatures quickly whips out his blaster rifle calling Hilliard in for backup. Hilliard runs into the room shooting at the first abomination, the shots all just sink into the creature’s skin, but it continued charging at him anyway as if it weren’t phased at all. Jack noticed in the corner of his eye the medical droid was holding a blaster aimed at Hilliard’s head, reacting fast, Jack flips a switch on his blaster rifle and fires an ion blast directly at the droid. The droid was instantly disabled as it crumpled over onto a nearby examination table.

The abomination continued to charge at Hilliard to his surprise, the Felucian had clearly undergone some kind of mutation; its muscles bulged and its body seemed to bend in unnatural places. The creature’s right forearm had been removed entirely, and instead a long bone blade extended from the elbow, growing out of the flesh with a ragged, serrated edge. Thick, tough-looking scales protruded out of the Felucian’s body. It lifted its blade arm and slammed it down in an attempt to kill Hilliard. Thinking that the creatures needed a master to follow orders Hilliard dove behind a medical crate, took aim, and fired a few concentrated blasts at the researcher. Caught off guard the blaster bolts all hit him directly in his torso as he convulsed and shook in pain and fell to the ground with a loud thump.

Realizing the creatures might be a bit too much for a blaster to handle Hilliard makes a quick call to Tal over the comlink to inform him that they need help in the medical bay. Tal turning to Gaph who was still setting the bomb said, “Are you going to be okay?”

Gaph nodded still clutching his shoulder, “I should be fine I will lock the door behind you and continue to arm the bomb.”

Tal nodded as he called upon the power of the force and raced out of the room towards the medical bay in the blink of an eye. Rushing through the door he leapt up into the air stabbing down towards the unsuspecting creature. His lightsaber was true and sunk deep into the creature’s skin. It cried out in pain but continued to fight, wildly swinging its blade arm at Tal who was dodging its might swings. Jack and Hilliard fired a few more hails of blaster fire until finally the creature fell to the ground with a very loud thud. The other creature howled ferociously in anger seeing its friend fall at the hands of Hilliard, Jack, and Tal. It quickly slammed down its blade arm in rage slicing the examination table in half without so much of an effort as if it were butter.

Jack and Hilliard kept firing from behind cover as Tal jumped, tumbled and flipped around the creature’s clumsy but very powerful blows. The creature was showing signs of tiring and started to give into the several injuries it had sustained from the never ending hail of blaster fire. Tal finally saw the opening as he feigned an attack causing the creature to slam its blade arm down into the ground. Quickly he ran up the creature’s arm, leaping off one of its scales flipping in the air and delivering a powerful stab straight down into the creature’s head. Its cries were garbled as the lightsaber sunk deeper into its throat. Finally with one final attempt at a cry the creature fell to the ground with Tal standing on top of it turning off his lightsaber.

“Well that was interesting,” Tal said wiping sweat off of his brow. Hilliard took the opportunity to catch his breath and call Gaph on the comlink, “We haven’t found the prisoner yet this was a research lab of some kind where they were performing horrific experiments on the captive Felucians making them into mindless and massive weapons. How is that bomb?”

Gaph responded, “It is set I gave us 40 minutes, which hopefully should be more than enough time to get Varth and get the hell out of here. I am going to head back to the grate to make the call to Sirona to pick us up at that clearing we saw a while back while traveling to the facility; my injuries would only slow you down anyway.”

“That is okay we should be able to handle it, we have one more room on this floor to check, hopefully it will be the prison facility,” Hilliard said switching off his comlink when he finished.

Gaph secured the bomb in a small compartment he had cut out from the main console connecting to the satellite on the roof. Feeling satisfied that it was well hidden he clutched his arm and started to quietly move back to the storage room where the exhaust duck lead to the back of the facility. After crawling through he was about to remove the grate to the outside when he noticed a very disturbing sight, a legion of Stormtroopers stood above the crumpled body of their Felucian guide, and just over to the right an AT-ST stood guarding over the area. Gaph realized it would not be the best idea to leave that way. He quickly scurries back into the storage room and calls up Hilliard on the comlink.

“We have a problem, there is an entire platoon of Stormtroopers outside the grate, and they found our guide. Hopefully they will not be able to put two and two together and figure out the Felucian might have led someone into the facility, but to be safe we better move fast!”

Hilliard responded, “Okay we are still in the research lab, come here perhaps we can treat your injury a bit.”

Gaph silently walked down the corridor and opened the door to the research lab. Disturbed and taken aback at his first glance at the mutated Felucians, Gaph quickly turned away and began searching through all of the cabinets and drawers trying to find some sort of medication. He located some research notes scribbled down on a piece of paper that briefly describe some form of regeneration chemical that the researcher developed to quickly heal the Felucians in case he injured them during their experimentations. Taking his chance he quickly took one of the injection guns and released its contents directly into his wound.

At first the formula burned and it felt worse then it did before, but miraculously the pain quickly ceased and the wound felt way better than it did before, the only side effect was that his vision was a bit blurred making it a bit harder for him to see things, but still manageable, better than the alternative he thought to himself. The outcasts threw the rest of the injection guns into their bags and continued on their way to the last room on the floor. They quietly walked passed the turbo lift and up to the door across the hallway from the research lab. Hilliard signaled the others to stay back, “I am going to go in first, if I can somehow convince them to release the prisoner to me we might be able to get away a lot easier.”

Hilliard entered the room with his blaster rifle in hand. Once inside the room was obviously the prison cell as he could see two warden droids standing guard at the cell door and four prisoners stored inside. To his left he saw two prison officers punching numbers into their console. Upon hearing the door open one of the prison officers walked towards Hilliard and asked, “What are you doing here this is a restricted area.”

Hilliard was panicked yet again, this time he didn’t even try to form a lie because for some reason he was so nervous the words couldn’t even form as he uttered his famous lines of persuasion, “I uh…um…ah.” Not taking any chances this time Hilliard just quickly lifts his rifle up and shoots the prison officer right in the face before he could even blink. The guard fell to the floor dead. The warden droids ran towards him, their stun baton arms raised as they both glowed a bright blue. Before the first droid even reached him Jack ran in through the door with his blaster drawn, blasting the first warden droid in the face.

The droid was able to take a few of the shots but still kept on running. In retaliation the droid began beating Jack with his stun baton arm, but to his dismay, was ineffective because Jack wasn’t an organic. Tal ran into the room after Jack slicing the second warden droid in half and trying to cut off the other from attacking Gaph who followed close behind firing a few rounds at the first warden droid. The outcasts attempted to move on the remaining prison officer but the warden droid intercepted them blocking their path striking any opposition with its stun arms. Tal moved in again and sliced the last warden droid in half. Seeing both the droids and his fellow officer die so quickly the remaining officer turned and ran towards the computer console to signal the alarm, noticing his effort Jack tried to shoot him in the back but failed as he disappeared behind the wall and pushed the alarm button.

The whirring of the alarm sounded throughout the entire facility. Quickly Hilliard ran up to the last office as they both exchange a few rounds of blaster fire before the guard took one in the leg, and two in the chest he fell. Hilliard ran over to the console and shut the alarm off, a lot of good that would do though. He also unlocked the cell as the remaining outcasts ran towards the cell to locate Admiral Varth. There were four prisoners total, the other three just ran out of the prison into the hallway without any hesitation. The one that remained was obviously Varth as he stood before them in a tattered Imperial uniform. He was a slightly overweight man with close-cropped gray hair and a bushy mustache. His right eye was swollen and bruised, and there was dried blood in the corner of his mouth. “Who are you, who sent you?” Varth asked.

Tal answered, “We were sent here to rescue you.” Varth shrugged, “I expected them to send trained professionals, not a bunch of marshmallow freelancers, but I will take what I can get, let’s get out of here.” “There is only one problem, the secret way we got in is being closely guarded by Stormtroopers and a walker right now we will have to find another way,” Gaph said concerned.

“There is a command center on the second floor of the base, and I am pretty sure it has roof access. If you can get someone onto the roof to evac us we should be able to fly away unscathed, as long as you disable the AA-Turret on the roof.” Hilliard finally chimed in, “Well then we best get to the turbo lift fast, but be prepared for anything, we do not know what forces may be on the second floor.” Quickly reloading his power pack Hilliard ran to the turbo lift and inserted the code cylinder he had gotten off of Lt. Aden earlier. Everyone jumped on the turbo lift keeping Varth and Gaph towards the middle with Jack, Hilliard, and Tal guarding them from all sides. Gaph said, “I have a bad feeling about this.” “Don’t worry, sir, perhaps Hilliard can use more of his impressive negotiating skills to get us out of any trouble,” Jack said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. The lift shot up into the ceiling as they came to a stop in a large open room filled with computer consoles and two service elevators that seemed to lead to the roof. The other thing that was clearly noticed was that they were completely surrounded by four Stormtroopers. But more important there seemed to be another two Felucian abominations standing guard next to what appeared to be the Captain of the facility, Captain Vischera. Unlike the other abominations though these looked bigger, stronger, and better put together, the captain then shouted, “I figured you would come up here, Kargrek and Hagark, destroy that traitor!”

The two Felucian abominations looked up at Captain Vischera then at the outcasts and began charging towards them. Reacting quickly, Hilliard, Jack, and Gaph all fired a few shots in all directions taking down two of the four Stormtroopers with their blaster fire. As they did this Tal quickly ran towards the other two Stormtroopers and lifted them up with the force and slammed them back down onto the ground where they both fell limp. Kargrek ran towards Jack where he raised his blade arm and threw it down with such force that it went straight through Jack’s shield, a screeching sound could be heard, and sparks flew out of Jack as the blade pierced his armor a bit but not enough to disable him. Hagark also ran after Jack, but luckily Jack was more prepared for this attack as he quickly moved out of the way and the creature struck the floor.

Hilliard fired a bunch of shots into Kargrek, but just like the other abominations, the bolts just seemed to sink into his skin without much damage to the creature. Jack, a bit angry at the damage he had just undergone held up his wrist and fired a rocket right into Kargrek’s stomach. The explosion ripping apart his flesh leaving a large hole in his chest but surprisingly he was still standing. Seeing the exposed area of his skin Gaph and Hilliard concentrated their fire there which was enough damage to finally down Kargrek as he fell with a loud crash. Everyone then turned their fire on Hagark except for Tal who quickly ran behind the creature and grabbed Captain Vischera with the force and hurled him across the room where he fell to the ground. Quickly regaining his footing he cried out, “Get that Jedi!” Hagark, obeying the command given to him, quickly charges at Tal with his full force, faster than Tal had expected. Before Tal could turn around to defend himself the creature was at his back swinging his blade arm down with such a vigorous force. Tal cried out in pain as the blade pierced into his back leaving a gash that went from his neck all the way down to the bottom of his back. The sudden pain and loss of blood caused Tal to pass out onto the floor in a pool of blood, alive, but barely hanging in there. Captain Vischera let out a wicked laugh that was quickly silenced when Jack shot him right in the throat. With everyone down but Hagark everyone concentrated their fire on the creature, but the creature would not even turn to look at them. He was still concentrated on Tal as he lifted his arm for another mighty swing down to end the poor Padawan’s life.

Admiral Varth barked out an order, “Concentrate all your fire on the back of the creature’s neck, the skin is weaker there.” The remaining outcasts all did just that which thankfully worked as the creature fell backwards dead. Gaph first grabbed Vischera’s personal datapad seeing if he stored the access codes in it, but it was just his research journal which Gaph decided to pocket anyway. He then ran over to the computer console and started slicing the system in order to disable the AA-Turret while Hilliard used the communications computer to contact The Banshee. Enabling the service lifts to the roof Gaph quickly ran to them saying, “We have to get out of here this place is going to blow within minutes!”

Hilliard quickly threw Tal over his shoulder and ran to the lift followed closely by Admiral Varth. Jack casually strolled behind them a bit slower they usual perhaps do to the damage his chassis endured. Once on the roof The Banshee came into view as the AT-ST and all the other Stormtroopers started firing upon it, but all their shots were absorbed easily by the ship’s shields. Everyone ran onto the ramp as the facility started exploding from the bottom up. The ship quickly flew into space and made the jump to light speed unscathed.

Once on board Tal was placed in the ship’s bacta tank and the rest of the outcasts gathered around in the cockpit. Upon seeing them all “Crash” started to freak out, “Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi we almost died there, I told you these people would be nothing but trouble. I do not want to end up as the Banshee’s second ex co-pilot. I hope it was worth it Sirona…”

“That’s enough, Crash,” she said chuckling at the droid. “Our…benefactor thinks for now it wouldn’t be safe to bring you back to him; instead he has assigned us to a brand new Nebulon-B Frigate called The Resurgence. It is a great safe haven for the resistance because of its mobility, makes it harder for enemies to track down. We should be there within a few hours, for now get some rest, you guys look like hell!” The outcasts all settled down in the ship’s quarters and fell asleep as it moved silently through space. The proximity alarm sounded a few hours later as the outcasts awoke and ran to the cockpit. Outside the window was the first look at the beautifully crafted frigate The Resurgence. The Banshee attached to the docking clamp as Hilliard, Jack, Gaph, and Tal who was now awake, but still in bad shape, followed closely by Sirona and Admiral Varth. The blast doors opened to reveal a man standing before them wearing the blue robes of Alderaan with a squadron of troops waiting to grab and escort Varth off leaving the outcasts behind.

“I am Captain Adrian Verana. On behalf of Bail Organa I thank you for all your help in rescuing Admiral Gilder Varth from that prison facility. I know you are tired and in need of medical treatment but let me say this at least. Senator Organa has offered you all permanent residence on this ship if you wish to join the fight against the Empire and continue to help us on future missions. The Senator feels it will be very beneficial to have a group of special ops that is in no way affiliated or connected to the senator’s house since the Empire grows suspicious of him every day. The choice is yours and yours alone.”

Tal looks up weakly, “I will gladly join your cause, Captain, but I really do need to get to the medical bay as soon as I can.”

“Of course, this is Doctor Dari Nost, she will take care of you,” the Captain says pointing to an older woman pushing a repulsor stretcher. Tal lies upon it as Doctor Nost pushes him towards the medical bay.

Hilliard shakes the Captain’s hand, “You can count on me, I am no friend of the Empire and anything I am able to do I will gladly help”

Gaph clutching his shoulder, “Do you have any kind maintenance shop on board the ship?”

Captain Verana nods, “Indeed, our ship’s engineer has a little area of the ship where he embarks on constructing and inventing all kinds of gadgets and droids, you are more than welcome to see him if you need anything I am sure he would be happy to help a fellow technology enthusiast.”

“Glad to hear, I am definitely in then, I will have to check it out myself.” Everyone turns to look at Jack, “How about you, Jack?” Hilliard asks.

“As long as there is lots of carnage and plenty of credits to be had I will gladly stick around and aid you some more, besides, I am rather impressed with your aggressive negotiations, Hilliard, not too shabby for a fleshy biped.”

“It is settled then, your quarters are ready for you, in each room there is a personal computer console that you can utilize to verify that the agreed credit amount has been paid for successfully retrieving Admiral Gilder Varth safely, 1,000 each. I hope you all get some good rest because you definitely deserve it, and there are many more missions in your future, we need you all at your best!”

The end of Episode 1 – The Traitor’s Gambit

Next up Episode 2 – A Wretched Hive

Session 3b
Jungle Watch Outpost TG Part 3b

Mandrake leads the outcasts to the Kybuck corral and let them know they were tamed and trained for riders. His Kybucks Andyr, Lyle, Lothor, Rowan, Dash, Barhis, and Marcus, named after his fallen mercenary squad, were relatively calm and accepting of the riders fore the most part. Hilliard jumped on Rowan who for some reason seemed quite fond of him, and even cooed in appreciation and then quickly ran after the speeder bike without a moment’s hesitation while Tal jumped on Lothor who willingly took him as a rider with no problem and ran off following Hilliard. Unfortunately for Gaph the Kybuck Barhis wasn’t too fond of him and started to buck and sway, quickly Gaph patted it on the head and calmed it down enough so it started to follow a little further behind Tal.

As the Kybucks continue to close ground on the speeder bike the outcasts can’t help but notice how fast the creatures really are, able to keep up with a speeder bike going full speed through the jungles. Large mushrooms and various other plants and fungai streak by faster than their eyes could even process, and the ground whips by at an incredible pace. The kybucks provided a relatively smooth ride, and it is clear that they knew the terrain far better than they could ever hope. They watched in amazement as they leapt, turned, twisted and dodged between the massive growths of the fungal forest. As they continued the terrain started to change as the kybucks ran into what appeared to be a massive fungal swamp. Shallow pools of water littered the landscape as the kybucks sent up huge splashes of water as their hoofed feet passed through the puddles. Large, multicolored fungai drooped low over the landscape, and huge birds swooped down to scoop up prey.

The fungal swamp was so thick it felt as if it was closing in on them. Gaph’s kybuck started speeding up despite the uneven terrain of the swamp and unknowingly bypassed Hilliard and Tal. As the area started to open up again he saw more clearly ahead and noticed the speeder bike was about 360 feet ahead, about the distance of a long range blaster shot, seizing the opportunity Gaph took a few shots but it was still hard to hit the scout trooper as he weaved in and out of the terrain.

Hilliard and Tal started to feel as though the jungle was continuing to close in on them as if at any minute they would be swallowed whole. Though they couldn’t see more than 100 feet ahead, they heard the splashing footsteps of Gaph’s kybuck ahead and started to follow the sound until the jungle finally started to open up again as they found the right path.

Finally out of the fungal swamp they could all see clearly ahead again which revealed a fork in the road. On one side there was a path through a large hollowed out trunk of what used to be a massive tree that probably was destroyed during the Clone Wars, on the other side was a path that was covered with thick foliage. Unfortunately they were not sure which path the scout trooper had taken so they split up. Gaph went through the tree trunk while Hilliard and Tal decided to take the path through the thick foliage.

Gaph was then traveling through a series of hollow logs and underground tunnels. The ceiling was so low his kybuck started to duck its head and he decided it was wise to follow suit. As he zipped through he saw chucks of moss and other fungi drooping down from above while the breaks in the ceiling let the occasional ray of light shine down upon him. Although the ceiling was low and there were plenty of things hanging from it that could have given Gaph a problem he passed through with great ease, his kybuck never faltered, in fact he had actually picked up speed, just when Gaph began to feel he might have chosen the wrong path he sees the speeder bike approximately 300 feet ahead and decided to take another few shots, which unfortunately also missed.

Meanwhile Hilliard in Tal, who took the other path through the thick foliage, quickly found themselves smack dab in the middle of some hazardous terrain. Among the ground there were all kinds of sinkholes and trenches which caused their kybucks to quickly leap over the small gorges and chasms with bouncing grace. As the kybucks bounded through the area they dipped and rose along with the terrain making it very difficult for them to see too far ahead. Hilliard’s Kybuck started to falter a bit as it stumbled over an unseen obstacle as its velocity started to decrease in order for it to get a hold of itself through this uneasy terrain. Despite the minor difficulty it seems to regain its footing and starts to pick up its pace again as he entered the clearing ahead. Tal managed to get through unscathed despite the uneven terrain his kybuck remained true.

Finally out of the rough terrain and tight tunnels the outcasts all met up in a big open clearing with no sign of any trouble. They continued to ride along closing in on the speeder bike when they heard the rumbling of the earth ahead when suddenly a large creature began to emerge from the dirt. It was none other than one of Felucia’s largest creatures the rancor. Though rancors are usually very dangerous creatures this one had buried itself in the dirt because it was getting ready to die. Even though it was near death it couldn’t help but attempt to get one last meal. Leading the pack, Tal’s kybuck charged at the rancor with tremendous speed as if it wasn’t intimidated by it at all. Despite his best efforts the rancor does spot him and took a low swing which he was unable to duck under, so he quickly stood up and jumped off his mount straight into the air doing a quick acrobatic flip over its arm landing safely back on the kybuck as if he had never left it continuing on after the speeder bike. Following close behind Hilliard began to urge his kybuck to run faster; despite the dangers that lay ahead, as he began to close in on the creature it attempted to take a slow and sluggish swing with its massive arm that Hilliard easily ducked under and continued to ride on after the speeder bike.

Seeing the success of the others Gaph rode forward with confidence, but as he approached the rancor he felt his kybuck get startled and start to run away from the rancor. Unprepared for the quick shift in direction Gaph was thrown off balance and was not at all prepared for the claw attack the rancor made. It catches him right on the face as he felt the tremendous pain of its sharp claws piercing the skin on his face. Despite this injury he kept right on running after the others.

After narrowly escaping the dying rancor the outcasts finally caught up with the speeder bike, which was slowing down and stopping. Several huge mushrooms towered over the area, nearly obscuring the Imperial outpost that stood across a narrow stream. The stream wound through the middle of the forest clearing, splitting around both sides of a humongous mushroom whose cap hangs like an awning over much of the battlefield. The outpost consisted of little more than a small base and a rotating satellite dish at its side. They quickly realized this was a communications outpost and that it was crucial to stop the imperials from transmitting the location of the village in order to protect its people.

Two scouts with speeder bikes were in front of the main blast door of the base which seemed to have blaster slits that some Stormtroopers were shooting through. First, Gaph made a run to the right towards the satellite dish hoping he would be able to disable the communications broadcast in some way. As he ran behind a mushroom, already injured from the rancor, a scout trooper rode his bike over and started firing at him with the blaster canons on the speeder bike cutting off his route to the satellite. Tal, igniting his lightsaber, used the force to pick up speed and run at the nearest scout trooper on his speeder bike. The scout started firing at the approaching Jedi, but he was deflecting the shots as he ran towards him. The scout trooper finally managed to pin him down that is where Tal called upon the Force to lift up the speeder bike and slam it on the ground.

Thrown off balance the scout trooper fell to the ground where Tal ran in for a stabbing blow, the scout trooper rolled out of the way and regained his footing, but had lost his blaster in the fall so started to attempt to punch Tal in defense. Tal bobbed and weaved avoiding all of the scout troopers haphazard blows. As the trooper became more enraged he became more sloppy and Tal noticed that he must have injured his leg in the fall, so taking advantage he landed a swift kick to the back of his knee bringing the Scout Trooper down to the ground making his head waist level in which Tal took a mighty swing which quickly severed the head from the trooper as he fell lifeless to the ground in a puddle of muddy water.

Hilliard, providing cover fire for Tal this whole time started to take aim and attempt to disable the trooper that was pinning Gaph down so he could get to the satellite. Between Hilliard and Gaph they finally managed to take down the scout trooper so Gaph could run towards the dish.

The Stormtoopers behind the blast door kept taking shots at Tal as he deflected the bolts and started to close ground on the blast door. Upon reaching the controls for the blast door, Tal managed to open it and start advancing on the troopers within. The troopers, however, seemed rather skilled against the Jedi and managed to pin him down at the corner of the blast door. Hilliard, having successfully taken out the scout trooper, started to aim and take shots at the Stormtroopers standing within the doorway. After several exchanges of blaster fire Hilliard managed to down two of the three Stormtroopers. Being free to advance again Tal quickly jumped out from the door doing a butterfly twist jump to avoid the hail of blaster fire coming from the now paranoid Stormtrooper left standing. Desperate and caught off guard Tal managed to feint an attack that caused to trooper to leave his chest exposed where Tal took the opportunity to stab his lightsaber right through his heart.

Now inside the facility Tal saw the Stormtrooper left who was attempting to broadcast a message to the main base. Tal reached out with the force and connected with his mind and told him to stop what he was doing to which he gladly complied. Hilliard having run towards the outpost blast door ran in and took a few blaster shots at the remaining trooper downing him with ease. Gaph, who this whole time was attempting to manually override the satellite managed to change the Imperial broadcast frequency to the same channel the pollen and other life forms utilize so the system was only broadcasting white noise.

Tired from the chase and battle the ensued now that the threat was eliminated the outcasts began gathering the bodies and throwing them inside the outpost. They emptied all the power packs from all the weapons in the outpost and Hilliard took the opportunity to don some Scout Trooper armor hoping it would help them sneak into the base later. Taking a moment to quickly tend to their wounds the outcasts hopped back on their Kybucks and rode back to the Felucian Village to tell Mandrake the good news. *

Session 3a

The Banshee is a sleek and luxuriously appointed Baudo Class Star Yacht, nearly as striking as her captain, Sirona Okeefe. A light blinks on the console and Sirona pushes a lever, causing the whirling blue to be replaced by a million stars streaking back into place. After another hour the outcasts arrived at the beautiful blue and green world of Alderaan, and “Crash” responds to the planetary hails to plot a landing route towards Aldera, the capital. As the ship cruises over grassy fields and valleys and countless seas, the outcasts are quite impressed by how pristine and clean the world looks. Most settlements are quite difficult to see from the air because they are well integrated into the natural terrain. Aldera was a small city built into a beautiful mountain valley. Its tallest buildings are rounded and sweeping, mostly with gleaming metal casings. Aldera’s spaceport control tower cleared the ship to land at the Royal Palace’s landing pad. The Banshee landed on a small pad as it descended upon the beautiful landscape under the cover of dawn.

The outcasts disembarked and were immediately greeted by several Alderaanian honor guards in robes and steel clasps and one of Bail Organa’s servants. He introduced himself, “I am Col, it is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, the senator has been eagerly expecting your arrival.”

Col began to lead the outcasts towards the palace and into the soaring grand hall, several hollow torsoed labor droids stomped towards the Banshee while one of them gave the outcasts a quick turn of its head as it passed by and continued on its way towards the ship. Guided by Col everyone was gathered onto a small balcony where there were a few droids setting up an assorted array of pastries and other refreshments. Motioning towards everyone they all took a seat as they each gazed around and took in their surroundings. It was a rare honor to be invited into the palace of an Imperial Senator and famous diplomat such as Bail Organa one that none of them were taking lightly.

As they all sat the doors to the Grand Hall opened revealing a middle-aged man with a well-kept goatee wearing Senatorial robes, easily recognizable as Senator Bail Organa he smiles and nods to the servants before joining the outcasts on the balcony.

“Welcome to Alderaan,” he says. “I had hoped we might meet under more pleasant circumstances, but unfortunately the Empire makes almost unpleasant. Still, I am glad to se e that the…difficulties at the spaceport above Brentaal didn’t impede you too much. Come!” He motions with his hand to guide the outcasts into a small theater style antechamber.

“I’ve asked you to join me today because Maya, my agent, seems to think you can be trusted. By the way, she is safe now in her quarters resting here on Alderaan. Since you worked hard to help her, I believe I can put my fait in you as well. I have a task that needs to be completed, but unfortunately my status as a Senator prevents me from taking care of it myself, or even from sending someone directly associated with the Royal Family –I realize I need to be more cautious in the future.” As he says this he activates a holo, causing a planet to appear.

“The Planet Felucia was ravaged during the Clone Wars, but once the fighting was over, the Empire set up some permanent facilities on the world. This is the one that concerns me,” he says, zooming in on a dot near the equator. “Nothing Large, it used to be a communications facility. Now it’s just a small garrison where they could keep prisoners out of the way, a rendition facility. Some months ago, I was contacted by an Imperial Admiral who was disillusioned with the way the Empire had twisted the once-great Republic, and he began feeding me sensitive information. A little over a week ago, that communication stopped. My agent, who you just brought back from Brentaal, has just told me tat the Admiral has been taken to Felucia, where he is being held against his will. I’d like you to learn what has become of him, and rescue him if you can.”

For a moment there was a silence while everyone contemplated all the information they had just been told. Breaking the silence the Jedi Padawan Tal spoke first, “Who is this admiral you speak of?”

“Admiral Gilder Varth is a veteran of the Clone Wars and an honorable man. He commanded one of the ships at the Battle of Coruscant and was promoted for bravery. His loyalty to the Empire seemed unwavering, but once you’ve seen what he has seen, it changes you…He was on the planet at the Ghorman massacre.”

Gaph looked up from the holo of Garth and asked, “What kind of Imperial presence is there?”

“The Imperial presence on Felucia is light. The facility itself is a secret, accessible by air and surrounded by swamps and jungles. They do not advertise its presence with large numbers of troops, and it is far from other settlements. Our knowledge of the facility’s existence is our greatest advantage. Additionally, you shouldn’t be going anywhere near the planet’s major cities, so you should be able to travel largely undetected. There’s just one thing, we believe this facility has a roof turret guarding it. You can’t land on or near it.” Hilliard stands up abruptly, “Okay so say we do agree to do this, what is in it for us?”

A slight smile falls across the senator’s face, “Each of you will receive 2,000 credits up front, out of which you can secure provisions and keep the rest. If things go well, I will guarantee more work when you return. Additionally, if the Admiral has as much information as I believe he does, this could be an excellent chance to strike a blow at the Galactic Empire!”

All the outcasts stand up, look at each other and nod in a silent agreement and turn to the senator, Tal asks, “How are we going to get there?”

The Senator claps his hands together, “Ah, I’ve arranged for transport aboard a vessel owned and operated by my longtime friend, Sirona Okeefe. Hello Sirona,” he gives her warm embrace. “As you already know Sirona knows her way around the galaxy. She’ll take good care of you.

The Senator shakes everyone’s hands with a strong handshake as the door opens. Col points to his chronometer and Organa nods. “I’m afraid my shuttle has arrived and I must go now. Thank you for your help so far, and I’ll look forward to our next meeting.” He waves farewell around the room and exits swiftly. Gaph, Tal, and Hilliard all look to Sirona who is now standing where Organa just was as she begins typing on the controls of the holo. “The Banshee isn’t an assault ship, and the turret will prevent our landing near the prison facility. That means you are going to have to get in and get out with the Admiral on foot.” Zooming in on the holo, she points to a long and deep canyon that cuts across reasonably close to the canyon.

“We can ever here, out of the facility’s sensor range,” she says, “The canyon should hide us from their sensors on our approach. We’ll put down here, at the closet point to the prison. I’ll wait there for your transmission. You can bring him back by foot.”

Understanding the mission that had been laid before them the outcasts began to board The Banshee after taking their credits to buy much needed supplies for the journey ahead. A courier droid moving Switch’s cargo was hovering nearby quickly swiveling its head to look at the approaching group. After acknowledging who it was it moved over to Hilliard and handed him a credstick that had 600 credits in it which was divided amongst everyone for a job well done. Before boarding the ship Jack approached speaking to Gaph, “Do you need assistance in this mission, sir?” Unsure of whether or not to actually trust Jack Tal asked, “If you want to I am sure we could use all the help we can get.” Jack stands up tall, “Excellent, then I require the same amount of credits as everyone else, 2,000 was it?” Hearing the absurd amount Jack requested of them for his service they were quick to turn around and say that his help would be missed but they can’t pay him that much.

Obviously not happy about the news Jack quickly turned around and headed back off to the palace. After securing the last of their cargo they were about ready to leave when Jack finally returned. “Ah, the Senator has agreed to pay me for my services as well it seems I will be accompanying you after all, sir.” Everyone finally boarded the Banshee where they were greeted by an obviously frazzled Crash. “Oh no oh no oh no, we have to travel with them again, I just got my plating shined.”

Plotting a course that mostly followed the Parleman trade route, which makes the long journey to the outer rim faster, but it is still a long journey nonetheless. On approach to Felucia, Sirona tells everyone to strap in at battlestations, as a precautionary measure. The proximity alert sounded and the ship jumps out of lightspeed, and Felucia fills the viewscreen. Its atmosphere seems covered in iridescent haze, making it hard to distinguish the sea from the land, and there aren’t many lights. Sirona flips a few switches to mask the transponder and cuts her engines, and doesn’t start them again until the ship is already caught in the gravity well. The Banshee descended, punching through clouds and rain until the canyon is spotted amid the lush and brightly colored vegetation. Sirona heads for it and the outcasts feel a squeeze as she dips beneath the walls and pushes the ship down the slot. “Hang on! This could get tight, really fast!”

Taking her time, the Banshee pushes through a bizarre landscape of giant flowers, tendrils and bloated fungi. The vegetation makes the canyon much tight than it appeared on the map, and sometimes the orange overcast sky disappears in the tunnel. Strange flying creatures bump and splat against the windscreen in the rain. Rounding a corner, the slot opens wider, and Sirona accelerates down the straightaway, gliding easily over a cluster of orange mushrooms larger than the ship. “We’ll set her down over there,” she said pointing to a ledge. Just as she says that one of the massive mushrooms balloons up to twice its size and rockets upwards, trailing a cluster of tendrils underneath it. “What the…” Sirona says being cut off by the gasbag exploding covering the ship with orange dust and slime. “Brace yourselves!”

Firing the engines hard the ship lurched forward, shedding much of the slime and dropping the cloud behind it, even as the altitude dips. Sirona points the nose clumsily at a soft and large shelf mushroom near the lip of the canyon and fires the engine hard again. The Banshee arced upward and its apogee slid it to a lurching stop on the fungus.

Stepping out of the ship, the outcasts sink a little into the squishy biomass. The air smells fertile. The landscape was indeed bizarre. The membranous vegetation was translucent, oversized, and colored brightly. The air is hot and humid as insects flew and crawled all over. Gaph turns to look at Sirona who seems to be eyeing the damage of the Banshee, “Anything broken?” he asked.

Sirona shook her head, “The damage isn’t bad. The repulsors need to be cleaned of that pollen before we can fly again, and I need to get the carcass off the ship.” Eyeing the remains of the gasbag draped across the ship like an orange balloon Gaph just nodded and began gathering his equipment. Saying their farewells to Sirona and crash, Hilliard, Tal, Gaph, and Jack start to walk through the forest of mushrooms unsure what lurks around every corner. Everyone seems to be able to navigate the jungle well enough avoiding a few sinkholes and razor mushrooms along the way.

After traveling for about 5 hours Hilliard, not paying much attention, walked up to an exploding mushroom as its toxin spread across his body. Jack turned back to Hilliard and simply said, “One must watch where one is going, fleshy biped.” After another hour of travel the outcasts came across what looked like a sort of swamp. The area was covered in a pool of disgusting looking water that went up to the calf when walking through it with a mixture of islands scattered about. Tal looks ahead and spots a strange object in the distance. He goes to investigate a bit closer to find that it is a dead scout trooper impaled upon a spear as if it were a makeshift scarecrow. While looking at the figure Tal sensed a group of sentient beings sneaking up on them for an ambush. Jumping out from their hiding places amongst the islands. Tal was taken by surprise when the creature used some sort of force power on him that he didn’t recognize; luckily he was able to avoid it. Hilliard took a shot at one of the charging creatures and landed a successful shot right in its head as it crumpled to the ground with a loud splash. Just when another was about to spear Gaph from behind there was a voice that shouted across the battlefield. “Peace! Please, stop fighting!”

In the distance there was a middle aged man with a scared face and long stringy grey hair riding a kybuck through the swamp, the creatures stopped attacking as did the outcasts. The man rode forward and started to speak with a loud and clear voice. “You do not look like you are with the Empire, am I right in my assumptions?” A few looks were exchanged until finally Tal spoke first. “No, the Empire is no friend of ours.”

The man let out a loud and deep laugh, “Ha, I like you already, come it isn’t safe to talk here, come back to the village!” Reluctantly following the man close behind everyone started making way through the overgrowth, which was so thick you couldn’t see two feet ahead of you. Just when they thought they were being lead to their death the overgrowth parted to reveal a clearing under the cover of a giant mushroom. Beneath this mushroom there are several buildings and more of the creatures gathered around the area, obviously being their village. All of the Felucians looked at the group curiously but cautiously at the same time unsure of what to expect from these strangers in their village.

One of the smaller Felucians ran up to Hilliard tugging at his pants and smelling him but quickly it is intercepted by a larger Felucian which brings the child back to the cooking fire which rested in the heart of the village. The man corralled his Kybuck with the others off to the side and returned to the outcasts with a smile on his face.

“My name is Mandrake, Vazus Mandrake. I was stranded here on Felucia during the Clone Wars after my mercenary unit was destroyed by Clone Troopers. It’s where I got this Scar. I managed to crawl off into the jungle, and they didn’t execute me. The war ended, and I nursed myself back to health, making my home here among the Felucians. I tend a small herd of Kybuck, it’s one of the only things I have left from home on Corulag. What are your intentions here on Felucia?”

Unsure of whether or not to trust this man, Tal didn’t want to reveal too much information about the mission so he simply said, “We were looking to obtain something from the local Imperial Communications Facility located nearby on the planet’s surface.” Mandrake nodded, “Aye, I know just where that is, it is a stroke of luck indeed come with me I have something to show you.” Leading them to his hut next to the Kybuck chorale he invited them inside as he reached under his bed to pull out a small footlocker. Within the footlocker was a small square box with a timer on it. “Do you know what this is?”

Gaph took a closer look at the footlockers contents; he was able to identify it as an explosive of some kind but not much else about it. A rush of excitement came over Mandrake as he slapped Gaph on the back, “Ha! a smart boy aren’t you, I made this explosive charge myself. Back in my Mercenary days I would have already blown up that god damn Imperial base but in my old age I couldn’t make the trip, let along break into a secured facility, plant an explosive and get out with my life. If you are going to the same facility and are no friend of the Empire perhaps you could do us all a favor and blow it sky high!” Gaph agreed to set the explosives in the communications center of the building. According to Mandrake’s recon he determined that if an explosion happened in that exact location in the facility it would overload the mainframe, and in turn blow the reactor taking the entire facility with it.

After packing the explosive safe away and learning from Mandrake how to operate the timer everyone exited his hut and gathered back around the fire. As they were standing there an older looking Felucian came walking out of a hut in the distance. All of the other Felucians seem to make way for him. The elderly Felucian had a black and withered arm as he slowly navigated through the crowd, patting a Felucian child with his good arm. This Felucian was obviously the village chief. He stops in front of the outcasts and begins studying each of them with an intense glare. He moves down the line but finally stops in front of Tal. Excited the chief reaches out with the force and begins floating a small rock a few inches above his good palm then calmly throws it to the side. Tal didn’t understand the chief but he could tell that what he was after was more knowledge of the force thinking he was a full fledged Jedi Master. Unfortunately he was just a Padawan and told him that he didn’t have the skills to teach the chief anything about the force.

A little disappointed the chief begins to walk back to Mandrake and gives him a nod. Just then Tal felt this strange disturbance in the force that felt like pain and discomfort emanating from a small hut nearby. Going to investigate he learns that the hut is filled with very sick Felucian children. They were literally too weak to get up, their bodies were failing them. Using what knowledge he had of medicine Tal spent a good 8 hours with the children tending to them. Finally he was able to cure the disease that plagued them. They were already starting to look a lot better. The chief then ran up to Tal and bowed down to him in respect. Sitting down in a meditative position he began to reach out to Tal with the force. Once their minds were connected he began showing Tal the force power that the Felucians had used against him before. He finally understood it now and was able to do it himself after that.

The chief spoke and Mandrake translated, “Many of my people have disappeared while hunting in the wilderness. All of them were near the vanishing place. It is an evil place where my people go missing and also get really sick like the children you helped. We sent some of our shamans there to investigate but they had to leave quickly before they were overwhelmed with pain. I know my people are still alive and are being held in that building the empire uses. The pain mostly originates from the west side of the building.”

The outcasts listened closely to the words Mandrake translated. Tal was overwhelmed with wanting to help the poor Felucians in any way he can. Hilliard was reminded of the pain and suffering his family still endures as slaves on Tatooine and wanted nothing but to help liberate these Felucians captured by the Empire, though they are not his family he knows their pain all too well. Gaph was curious about what sorts of technology he might come across in the facility but also wanted to help in any way he could. Suddenly a unnatural sound emanated from the jungle in the distance. The whirring sound of a poorly maintained repulsor engine could be heard. When everyone turned to look they saw a scout trooper riding off into the overgrowth on a speeder bike.

“No! They found our village, please, you must stop them before they report its location to the main facility! Take my Kybuck they are just as fast as a speeder bike and are trained to accept riders. Hurry!” Hilliard, Tal, and Gaph turned and looked at each other, with a quick nod they ran toward the chorale where the Kybuck were kept.

Session 2

Upon exiting the lift for the first time the outcasts had their first look at the Imperial controlled blue deck. Unlike green deck the place was well maintained and the corridors were filled with humans with barely any aliens in sight. The observation deck had the most spectacular view of the planet Brentaal that they had ever seen since arriving on the station. Hilliard started leading the way confident that the credentials that Switch had provided him with were up to code. Walking close behind him Tal and Gaph were walking shoulder to shoulder with binder cuffs placed upon their wrists. To the naked eye it would appear that they were captured and had no way of escaping, but in reality the cuffs were not sealed and they could remove them at any time just in case something went wrong. Off the side of the group the protocol droid that they knew as Jack was calmly walking without a moments hesitation, though it is hard to tell what emotions a droid has when they have no way to convey them. Hilliard began to walk more erratically as he searched for the main docking bay that Switch had stored the cargo they needed to retrieve for Maya and Switch. Catching on to his flustered expression a COMPNOR Informant wearing his black armband walked up to Hilliard and caused the outcasts to stop in their tracks.

“Where are you off to?” he asked Hilliard with a hint of suspicion in his voice.

Hilliard choked a bit, “Ah, we a, well we were heading to the main docking bay I was transporting these newly acquired slaves off the station.”

Not buying it he asked, “Do you have any credentials?”

Now less confident that the credentials Switch supplied him were in fact in order he began to panic a bit reaching for the plaster pistol holstered to his hip slowly. Seeing his struggle Tal decided to intervene as he focused his mind to connect with the informants mind. Once he established the connection he simply told him, “You don’t need to see his credentials.” The informant nodded and repeated the exact same phrase out loud to Hilliard, “I don’t need to see your credentials.” As the informant slinked off into an adjacent corridor Hilliard let out a sigh of relief as they continued to locate the main docking bay. It was only a matter of a few more twists and turns but they managed to locate the large blast door that was labeled as the main docking bay of Blue Deck. Hilliard opened the door, followed by Tal, Gaph and Jack. The bay was quite large, to the back there was a control room with a window that looked out over the entire docking bay. Straight ahead they noticed a squadron of Stormtroopers moving cargo around and an Imperial Officer barking orders at them. There was also another Stormtrooper who was piloting a repulsor sled that was towing behind it a block of carbonite that obviously had a human male trapped within.

Finally taking notice to the outcasts the Imperial Officer quickly shouted across the docking bay. “This is a restricted area, blast them!” Unable to avoid the fight ahead the outcasts quickly drew their weapons looking around the room for the best possible cover. Hilliard scattered to the right and leapt behind a cargo crate off to the side and tried to take aim with his blaster pistol at the nearest Stormtrooper. Gaph with his blaster pistol drawn was scanning the room trying to figure out which crate contained Switch’s cargo. Distracted he was almost blasted by the blaster turret mounted on the repulsor sled. Tal seeing the danger the sled imposed drew his lightsaber and ran faster than the eye could see toward the repulsor sled. About halfway there he leapt off the ground with great ease as he nearly jumped the height of the entire docking bay and landed directly on the repulsor sled and attempted to swing his lightsaber at the pilot. The Stormtrooper was startled but managed to duck out of the way long enough to steer the repulsor sled full speed towards the nearest wall. Tal quickly tumbled off the damaged sled and landed safely on the ground; unfortunately the Stormtrooper pilot wasn’t as fortunate and was flung off the sled along with the carbonite block it was towing. He fell prone on the ground just as Tal was running towards him thrusting the saber down into the ground, luckily the Stormtrooper was able to roll out of the way and regain his footing. Having lost his rifle in the crash he attempted to punch the Jedi in the face, as his fist flung forward in his last stitch effort Tal recognized a weakness in his defensive stance and dealt the killing blow as he crumpled to the ground lifeless.

Gaph took a few shots at the remaining Stormtroopers and landed a couple lethal shots quickly and efficiently as the remaining troopers fell to the ground. Hilliard running from his cover tried to close ground on the Imperial Officer who was hiding behind a crate on the far end of the docking bay near the hanger bay door that currently looked out over Brentaal. Dodging a few shots from the officer Hilliard demanded that he surrender if he valued his life. The Imperial Officer responded by calling for backup. Gaph realized the backup would be there momentarily so he quickly ran back to the door where Jack was still standing and started slicing the door controls. He managed to crack the system and lock the blast door, happy with his work be began running towards the main control room in order to disable the anti-air turret that was mounted near the entrance to the docking hanger. Soon enough they heard the squadron of Stormtrooper reinforcements trying to get the door open, one of them called out to use the control room door.

Knowing now that the control room had an exterior door Gaph picked up his pace in an effort to lock that door down as well, but to no avail as an Imperial Office ran to the console in the control room followed by two Stormtroopers guarding him. Gaph quickly took cover behind the wall. As he was doing that the reinforcements managed to open the main blast door to about their knees. The attempted to take a few haphazard shots through the opening but failed to hit anyone. Gaph shouted to Jack, “Knock over the barrel of coolant by the door and light it up. Hearing Gaph’s orders Jack quickly interpreted that to mean knock over the coolant and shoot a rocket from his wrist directly at the opening of the blast door. The explosion was loud as the cries of panicked Stormtroopers screaming in pain echoed through the entire docking bay. Unfortunately Jack’s rocket also destroyed the blast door so if more reinforcements were to arrive they would be able to run right in.

Just then the Imperial Officer in the control room closed the hanger door shut so even if the anti-air turret were disabled a ship wouldn’t be able to land in it. Tal’s adrenaline was pumping and he made a poor decision of running into the control room where the two Stormtroopers fired a few shots into his body as he fell to the ground injured but still alive, for now. Hilliard finally took down the original Imperial Officer at the back of the docking bay and started to make his way towards the control room. Pinned down, Gaph kept trying to take shots at the Stormtroopers but they kept taking cover just in the knick of time to avoid a fatal blow. Finally he let off two shots that directly into the weak points of the Stormtrooper armor as they fell to the ground dead.

Taking cover behind the computer console the Imperial Officer called for more backup. He was managing to keep Hilliard and Gaph pinned down while Tal lay motionless on the floor shallowly breathing. Jack called Gaph on his comlink and asked him if there was any manual override near the hanger door. Knowing the standard model Imperials normally use in their docking bays Gaph remembered there being a grate next to the hanger door that can be used to open the door. He said he would be there as soon as he could be, Jack, being incredibly impatient quickly loaded another rocket into his wrist and fired it directly at the grate Gaph spoke of. Within minutes the blast door opened as they could once again see the planet in its view. Luckily the grate Jack busted also housed the power supply for the AA-Turret and thus it was also disabled which gave Sirona a chance to finally land The Banshee. Running down the loading ramp Sirona quickly fired a few shots through the glass window directly at the remaining Imperial Officer.

Jack grabbed the carbonite block and loaded it onto the ship while Gaph grabbed Switch’s cargo and quickly ran onboard. Hilliard slung Tal over his shoulder and quickly made his way to the ramp, just as he was about the reach the ramp he heard the squadron of reinforcements yell, “Blast them!” A couple shots almost hit Hilliard but he was determined to get Tal safely onboard. The Banshee quickly flew out of the station and safely made the jump to hyperspace.

Hilliard dropped Tal off in the ship’s medical bay and joined the rest of the group in the cockpit where Sirona introduced them all to her friend and co-pilot Crash. “Oh no, Sirona, what trouble have you brought onboard with us this time, this is going to be the death of me I just know it!” Everyone chuckled at Crash’s expense.

Sirona then said, “I am going to go secure the cargo safely, feel free to use the medical bay and the lodgings to rest up and recover, I am sure you had a long day!”

Session 1

After arriving on the Sel Zonn Station the outcasts noticed the Stormtroopers carrying off their pilot in binder cuffs claiming the ships has been grounded for illegal activities. The Freebird Shuttle Corporation offered to put the passengers up in a hotel for as long as it takes to get a new shuttle for them if they simply present their IDs. Not wanting to be seen the outcasts slipped into the crowd. Unbeknownst to them there was a female human named Maya who took notice of their strange behavior approached them. She offered the outcasts some work and a place to stay understanding why some people wouldn’t want to be under the Empire’s radar. The outcasts knowing full well they have very few options decide to follow cautiously. Maya leads them around a few corners as they exchange words about the station, the empire, and the lack of non-humans in the area. Finally she leads them to the Mechanical Allies Droid Repair Shop. Once inside the outcasts come face to face with a Twi’Lek named San. The outcasts talk to San who seems very friendly and warm to them. He is grateful for the aid the outcasts have offered him and his shop. Work has been hard since the Empire has been hitting non-human establishments with fines and other various made up nonsense. San believes that the Empire has been abducting non-human store owners for bogus crimes like high treason but it is apparent to him that they are just being racist.

Maya and her droid companion Jack are also in the store and she tells them how it is hard for Jack because his vocabulator was damaged a while back so he is unable to speak as he once did. Gaph being a technological genius offered to fix his vocabulator up with some spare parts that San had lying around the store he threw San a few credits and took Jack to the workbench in the back and began to work on him. While doing that Hilliard and Tal decided to hit up Gundark’s, the local cantina located on Green Deck, for some refreshments. Upon arriving at Gundark’s Hilliard walked up to the barkeep and ordered a few orders of stew that the barkeep insisted was Bantha Stew though who knows what the meat was actually made of. After exchanging some credits for the four soups he was getting ready to head out when a loud mouth, but attractive, female human entered the bar challenging people to a drinking contest. Hilliard and Tal found her odd so they didn’t take up her offer. After drinking some random patron under the table she challenged the bar again and after seeing the passed out human on the floor nobody even bothered.

Hilliard started to talk with the girl and found out that her name was Sirona and she is actually a pilot with her own ship. She tells them about her co-pilot “Crash” and about her ship “The Banshee” After questioning her about carrying capacity Hilliard realized that it would be possible to barter with Sirona for a ride off the station. She shrugged him off when her eye caught the Sabaac table. She said they should all play at the table for a good time. Hilliard was a bit sluggish at first knowing that the table had some Imperial Informants sitting there but in order to gain her trust enough to barter passage he felt playing would be necessary. It was intense as round after round passed by, soon Sirona and the other black armband human were out and it was between Hilliard and the last remaining black armband human. The round seemed like it was lasting forever and knowing that they needed credits to get off the planet Tal was a bit nervous about Hilliard losing so he used a bit of the force to persuade the man to fold so Hilliard won by default. The men were angry but didn’t start anything and left the cantina yelling at each other. Sirona, thoroughly entertained by the way Hilliard was able to get that guy to fold that she gladly accepted their offer to barter passage off of the space station. Hilliard and Tal decided it would be best to go back to the warehouse so they exited the Cantina. Back in the warehouse Gaph was just putting the finishing touches on Jack’s new vocabulator, but while he was working he decided to scan his memory banks to find out where Jack came from and where he was manufactured trying to get more information on the mysterious Maya.

The information he found was not all that compelling, Jack was manufactured and sold on the planet of Alderaan. Still peaked by curiosity, Gaph decided to walk over to the Cantina where he knew there was a public holonet access terminal. Once getting there he took a gander at the holonet trying to find some kind of information that would enlighten them to their current situation. Realizing the public access wasn’t enough he decided to slice the machine. He found a backdoor into the Imperial Network on the station and did a quick search on San and found he has been working on the station for 10 years with no prior arrests or anything, an upright citizen. There was some red code located at the bottom of the page which Gaph decided to copy down to his datapad for later. He then did a search on Maya and found no record of her being on the station. Finally he decided to research Captain Marek of the Freebird who was arrested upon their arrival. The record showed that he was arrested for illegal smuggling and for being a possible terrorist. Satisfied with what he found he decided to cover his tracks and log off the machine which he did with ease. As he was turning away from the terminal he heard a loud woman challenging people to a drinking contest as he saw Hilliard and Tal emerge from the cantina.

Gaph relayed the information he had discovered on the Imperial Network to the rest of the gang and they were discussing all of this in the middle of the street. As they were talking they noticed two figures in the shadows and decided it was best to split up and double back to the warehouse. When all were convinced no one was following them they reconvened at the warehouse where they were greeted by Jack and his newly repaired Vocabulator so he seemed thrilled to speak about anything so the outcasts took this as an opportunity to learn more about Maya. They questioned Jack who was happy to oblige and answered all their questions. When they realized they were getting no where with Jack they woke up Maya and demanded answers. Flustered Maya promised them that they would talk about it in the morning but sleep was important. Everyone agreed and they drifted off to sleep.

The next day they are awoken to a panicked Jack who tells them that Maya had left to go find out why San had been arrested during the night. Jack informs them that Maya had given him permission to answer any of their questions and help as best as he could. In this conversation they found out that Jack was hacked into the Imperial Network and was able to wirelessly connect to it. Giving Jack the datapad he had recorded his information on the night before Jack was able to discern that San had been arrested by the Empire for treason. Upon entering the red code Gaph found Jack was able to find out that the numbers were actually a code that basically translated to slave trade. Jack insisted that the outcasts linger there no longer and meet Maya at Gundark’s Cantina to find out everything else they need to know.

They quickly ran over to Gundark’s in time to hear some kind of commotion as people ran out of the Cantina. Among those people was Maya screaming for help as a Stormtrooper shot her in the back. Falling to the ground at the feet of the outcasts the Stormtroopers assumed they were all working with her and thus decided to attack first and ask questions later. The battle was swift as Gaph quickly downed to of the Imperial Informants wearing the black armbands with a couple of blaster shots. As one of the Stormtroopers went to take a shot with his blaster carbine it exploded in his hands due to some misfire, as far as everyone could tell but it was really Tal using the force secretly to try and even the odds. Much to his dismay the trooper had a stun grenade on his belt and threw it at them, to which most of the outcasts were able to dodge. Once they downed one of the troopers the other called for backup and tried to escape through the Cantina window but was unable to. Hilliard quickly gathered a blaster carbine and a utility belt with medpac from one of the downed stormtroopers which might have cost him his life since as he did that they heard the lift that lead to the Blue Deck begin to descend with a squadron of Stormtroopers that had been called for backup. Quickly they all rand off before the lift could touch the ground.

Gaph decided to take another look at the Imperial Network to see if they could refund their tickets to barter Sirona to take them off the station but found out that the Freebird Shuttle Corporation had been shut down by the Empire for unknown reasons and they were not able to refund their tickets at this time. While in the network he found out there was a high alert with some minor descriptions of the outcasts for their battle at Gundark’s. Gaph used his slicing skills and temporarily changed the alert to claim that the group had been found at hanger bay 84 and that assistance was needed to take them in. Attempting to cover his tracks again he thought he did a good job but failed to realize there was an alert he set off in the network about illegal hacking that was sent to a masked IP address.

Finally returning to the warehouse carrying Maya they lay her down on one of the bed foams and utilized a medpak from the trooper to heal her enough to be able to talk. She informed them that she was a security agent from the planet Alderaan and was sent to this station to acquire a certain shipment that was now being held by a droid crimelord named Switch. She mentioned something about deep storage bay V14 and told the outcasts to hurry. They told her to head to docking bay 94 to meet up with Sirona who has volunteered to take them off the planet. Sending her on her way they started to head in the direction Maya told them. When they got there they found that every entrance to deep storage bay V14 was blocked off. Gaph hacked into the network again to find out that V14 was under quarantine yet oddly enough no maintenance orders of any kind have been sent to that area. According to the blueprints there was an exhaust system that ran right through the storage bay. Gaph attempted to shut down the exhaust system only to find out it was already shut down, and had been for a while due to the quarantine. The outcasts climbed through the exhaust duct and into the deep storage bay where they found a door guarded by two Gamorreans. They walked up to them with no sign of hostility from the Gamorreans and asked them if they could see Switch. They just stood there not moving grunting to themselves. After a few failed attempts at talking to them Hilliard tried to bribe them with 50 credits. The Gamorreans took the meager bribe but still did not move as if expecting more credits then that. They finally gave each Gamorrean guard 100 credits each and they let them pass without any trouble.

Within the bay they met up with the droid crimelord Switch. He introduced himself and referred to the outcasts by name saying that he is glad they were not heavily damaged at Gundark’s letting them know that not only does he know who they are but what they have been up to in the station since their arrival. Switch began to answer any of their questions about the cargo except for exactly where the cargo was, only that it was right under the Imperial’s noses which he thought was a rather clever place. He would disclose the location in exchange for 1,000 credits due to the prices of storing cargo on blue deck begin so high these days. The party refused to pay the 1,000 credits and tried to talk him down from that amount. Successfully, though almost too easily, switch offered 500 credits plus any information that they come across in their travel be sent to him that could fetch a hefty price on the market. The party was still reluctant to pay that much money not knowing what the cargo was or where it was stored or how hard it would be to retrieve it. Finally Switch offers one final offer. He was attempting to ship some Correllian Ale to Alderaan on the Freebird when the Imperials some how got wind of this and took the cargo and the captain away. If they were willing to take this shipment of ale to Alderaan he would be willing to wave the fee entirely as long as they promised still to give him any juicy information they find out.

Before the party could agree there was a sound of a scuffle outside the door as the Gamorreans were killed outside and a group of thugs and a shifty looking Chivan named Ganga Lor entered. Ganga seemed rather annoyed and Switch and demanded that he surrender his organization over to him. He was tired of all his failed attempts at taking it over including his latest by tipping off the Imperials about the ale which in turn grounded the Freebird on the station in the first place. Now he was doing some kind of deal with the offworlders and he had enough and started to shoot at switch. Shots were fired back and forth as Ganga and his goons tried to take out the outcasts and Switch’s goons. Using a massive surge of force power Tal quickly slammed the group of thugs down knocking them to the ground and even killing some of them in the process. Surprised and injured Ganga called out to Switch’s goons saying what is he paying them for in which they began attacking the outcasts and switch. They were quickly dispatched and Ganga was left unconscious on the floor. Switch was most pleased with the help of the outcasts and offered use of some of his medical supplies to heal up and gave Hilliard some Imperial Credentials to help him navigate safer through blue deck. Worried that non-humans on blue deck could prove to be troublesome Switch ensured them that there are non-humans there but they are slaves. With that knowledge the group healed up and decided to hop on the elevator to see what awaited them on Blue Deck to retrieve the precious cargo and hopefully escape the station unscathed.


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