A Year Later

The outcasts have gone through quite on ordeal since last reported, though that would take far too long to record everything they have done. In summary they have met and recruited quite a few people to their cause. The Alderaanian Resistance is growing stronger each day as their agents, including the outcasts, take down the Empire one little step at a time.

The most recent mission found the outcasts going to Blankity 4 to hunt down the illusive Crimson Fist to their cause. He was a very mysterious figure who has been said to exist for thousands of years. If this person is in fact that old his skills would be quite useful to their cause so they went in search of him. Infiltrating the party of a uppercrust Imperial Noble the outcasts managed to sneak their way in and try to find the Crimson Fist, though it seems he found them first. He moved really fast and took down an entire room of Stormtroopers before the outcasts could even blink, granted they were a bit hazy from the sleeping draft that the Crimson Fist created by mixing one harmless chemical into the food and drinks of the party, then when combined with a gas form of another chemical that he poured into the air vents of the manor, when combined those harmless chemicals created a potent sleeping draft and knocked most of the guests out cold.

The Crimson Fist stole the contents of the vault and presented it to the outcasts as a gift. To their unfortunate surprise the Crimson Fist turned out to be Qual, their timid doctor. At least the mission wasn’t a complete failure for they stole 100,000 credits worth of goods from the Imperial Noble’s vault, most of which will be funneled into the resistance making them that much stronger. On said mission they met up with Chip Swearington, who was a clone trooper who trained Hilliard back on Tatooine during the clone wars. He apparently knew the location of Hilliard’s family so they traveled to Watchamakallit and met up with his wife Claire. Unfortunately his daughter Rima was taken mysteriously like many of the other children that have been disappearing in the outer rim.

Called to duty once more the outcasts take Clair with them and go to a distant planet to free an enslaved people and perhaps gain strong new allies in the process.



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