Session 5

Cato Neimoidia - AWH Part 1

After a Month of recuperating on the newly constructed Nebulon B Frigate, The Resurgence, the outcasts find themselves being summoned into the briefing room. It seems the Admiral they rescued from the planet Felucia has finally recovered and is going to reveal what he knows about the Empire and what the outcasts can do to stop them. Following close behind the administrative droid 3D-4Y they see the many faces they have come to know during their stay. Gaph waves to his Ithorian friend Xam Saar who is the ship’s local engineer with a lot of enthusiasm for technology. Gaph knows of him because during his month on The Resurgence he spent a lot of time in Xam’s workshop where he had begun putting together a droid for spare parts.

Continuing on through the massive corridors of the ship the outcasts bumped into a frantic Jack who seemed on edge about something.

“What is wrong, Jack?” asked Gaph

“I do hope you haven’t seen that Ithorian nearby, he keeps asking me if he can look under my Chassis to see what makes me tick”

Gaph laughed, “Never thought I’d see you afraid of a, what do you call it…”

Jack interrupts, “Fleshy biped”

“Well come with us, Jack, we are being summoned to the briefing room to get our next assignment,” Tal said walking calmly as though he was never near death just a few weeks ago.

The briefing room aboard the Resurgence was clean and white with several benches wrapping smoothly around a holographic projector seated on a raised dais in the center of the room. The projector sprung to life, and the blue-tinted hologram of a Hutt appears to hover a few inches away from the projectors three curved prongs. With a brusque clearing of his throat, former Imperial officer Gilder Varth began to speak, wasting little time on pleasantries.

“Before the Empire decided my conscience was a liability,” he says, “I was involved peripherally in a top-secret plan known as the Sarlacc Project. While the details of the project are unknown to me, I was involved in the transfer of large sums of credits and resources to the project. Whatever the project entails, it is taking up a lot of the Empire’s time and effort. Moreover, I believe that this Sarlacc Project is destroying the lives of thousands of sentient beings; casualty reports crossed my desk on a regular basis. Unfortunately, I don’t know much more than that. However, during my brief brushes with the project, I discovered that the Imperial Navy was hiding the program’s existence from the Senate by transferring resources through secondary sources. Resources were routed through the Corporate Sector, through fake contractors, and through the criminal underworld to keep a trail from leading back to the project.

One such secondary source was a Hutt crime lord named Darga. Like all Hutts, Darga is a slimy gangster whose love of credits is exceeded only by his love of power. Part of my job involved transferring resources to Darga, and in turn arranging for Imperial agents to take control of other resources from the Hutt’s organization. These were not specified, but physical resources were definitely being exchanged. Though it’s not much, this is the only lead we have.

Captain Verana has charged me with helping to uncover more about the Sarlacc Project, and he has authorized me to use you as my agents. We need you to travel to the planet of Cato Neimoidia and find Darga the Hutt. See if you can learn what he is trading in and how it relates to the Sarlacc Project.”

Varth keeps the briefing short and sweet. He as an air about him that immediately recalls his military past; though he is not unfriendly, he spares no time for idle chatter. It was clear to the outcasts that Varth had not adjusted to life outside of the Imperial Navy; he still acted with the same rigidity that is characteristic of all Imperial Officers. He even seemed uncomfortable in his Alderaanian uniform but it seemed his professionalism wouldn’t allow him to voice any complaints. The man was all business, and though he seemed genuine in his assertions, he remained largely unreadable.

After the briefing the outcasts looked around at each other and began asking questions about the mission. Hilliard was the first to speak, “Why should we do this for you?”

“In exchange for your assistance, Captain Verana has authorized me to pay each of you a modest sum. Additionally, this may be a chance to discover what the Empire is planning with the Sarlacc Project-which could have big repercussions if I am right.”

Tal asked the next question, “What else do you know about this, Sarlacc Project?” Varth shakes his head, “Not much more than I’ve told you. My only involvement came in managing resources, and most of those transactions were encoded.”

Entering data into his datapad Gaph looks up, “And how are we supposed to find this, Darga the Hutt?”

“Unfortunately, Darga’s exact whereabouts are unknown. However, he has been seen in the Cato Neimoidian city of Zarra. Chances are that someone in the city knows where he is.”

“Okay Admiral, so we get there and find out where to find this overgrown slug, how do we discover the extent of his involvement in this Sarlacc project, are we supposed to just walk up to him and ask nicely?” Hilliard said with sarcasm in his voice.

Varth adjusts his collar, “Darga is not one to give up his secrets easily, but he has been known to take associates into his trust. If you can get inside his palace, he might reveal what is going on-or you might be able to find out by snooping around.”

Standing up from the bench to adjust his clothing Tal asks, “What do you know about the city of Zarra?”

“Zarra was heavily damaged during the Clone Wars, and half of the city is still in ruins. The few residents that have chosen to remain inhabit a cluster of settlements on one end of the city.”

Gaph pockets his datapad, “Okay then, so when do we leave and how do we get there?” Varth responds, “Captain Verana has charted passage for you aboard the Banshee, the transport vessel captained by Sirona Okeefe. After helping you rescue me from my prison on Felucia, Captain Okeefe quickly found herself on retainer.”

“Well I suggest we gather some supplies for the journey, I will stop by the medical wing to acquire some medical supplies,” Tal said exiting the room through the blast door, quickly followed by Jack who cautiously peered around the corners before exiting the door still afraid of Xam. Gaph, chuckling to himself at Jack’s strange behavior headed off towards Xam’s work shop to gather any supplies he may need for adjusting his weapons or datapad in anyway.

“Greetings Xam, seems we are finally heading out on a mission, just came to gather some of the supplies I have been working on.”

The Ithorian looks up at Gaph in excitement, “A mission you say? Is that droid you call Jack accompanying you?”

Gaph shook his head, “Yes, he will be helping us out again.”

The Ithorian sulked back into his chair, “How unfortunate, I would love to see what makes that droid tick, I have never seen anything like it before. It may prove to be interesting to implement with the droid I have been working on.”

“Well I don’t know what kind of supplies we’ll come across on the mission, but is there anything I could pick up for you for your droid project?”

Xam shook his head, “Yes, I would very much like to have a translator unit to install in the droid. I am afraid I haven’t come across one in my travels yet or in the shipments we have gotten recently. If you can find one I will gladly pay you for your efforts and the merchandise.”

Gaph entered some information into his datapad, “Translator unit, got it, I will see what I can do, Xam, take care of yourself.”

“You be careful yourself, you know how the empire can be, come back in one piece,” Xam said turning back to his workbench.

Hilliard, having no need to obtain any extra equipment made his way to The Banshee, which was parked in the docking bay of the Resurgence. He saw Sirona loading some crates onto the ship and waved at her. She saw him in the distance and gave a quick smile before going back to what she was doing.

He approached her and asked, “Can I help you with anything?”

“Well if you got a spare set of arms I could use a hand with some of these boxes,” she said pointing to the pile on the floor.

“Man those look pretty heavy of course I will assist you,” he said bending down to pick up two, realizing they were too heavy he quickly dropped them back to the ground and grabbed the one from the top.

Sirona laughed at him as she picked up two crates all by herself without any problem, “Don’t strain yourself, chief, you wouldn’t want to get shot in the face by a Stormtrooper because you hurt your arm and couldn’t even lift your blaster.” Hilliard blushed with embarrassment, “Well if it came down to that I would have to talk him down, I am pretty good with people.”

Sirona laughed, “Yeah, Jack told me how well you negotiate, with a swift blaster shot to the face. Strangely enough it almost seemed like he was bragging about it.” “Yeah well, Jack is, well he is a different kind of droid, kind of like Crash.” A voice echoed from the cockpit, “Don’t compare me to that blood thirsty brute, because I choose to be a safe distance away from any kind of danger means I am nothing like him!”

“Relax, Crash, don’t get your circuits in a bunch,” Sirona shouted back towards the cockpit.

“I am not sure I understand what you mean, Sirona, I am designed so my circuits would never intertwine how would they get into a bunch?” Crash asked confusingly. Sirona and Hilliard both laughed as they continued to load the last of the crates onto the ship. Back in the medical bay Tal found himself greeted by the warm smile of Doctor Dari Nost. “Greetings, Tal, how are you feeling today?”

“I am back to my old self once more, thanks to your exquisite medical skills, I owe you my life.”

Doctor Nost shook her head, “No need for that, I was just doing my job, though you were pretty badly beaten up I must say.”

“I am actually going out on a new mission shortly, I came here to see if I could procure a surgical kit in case one of my comrades gets as injured as I did last time,” Tal said crossing the room towards the supply closet.

“Certainly, I would gladly give you one if we weren’t so short on supplies, but I will give you a fair price, exactly what it costs us to get a new one, 600 credits?” “That is more than fair, thank you.”

With a quick smile she accepts the credits, “Thank you. I am sorry about the propaganda they are spreading about you on the holonet, I know you would never execute someone in cold blood, the Jedi are a noble people, it just seems the galaxy has forgotten that.”

“There will always be propaganda about my former order, especially when most of the galaxy is answering to a Sith as their emperor. Thank you again for the supplies, hopefully we will not have to use them, but it is better safe than sorry.” Tal said with a quick wave goodbye he exited towards the docking bay.

After a short while all of the outcasts and Jack met back up on board the Banshee as Sirona and Crash plotted the best course to Cato Neimoidia Crash began complaining as usual about how the outcasts were going to be the death of him while Sirona just laughed and told him to chill out. The stars began to streak past them as they made the jump to hyperspace. The journey was safe and uneventful as the stars streaked back into place and the planet of Cato Neimoidia appeared before them as they made their descent to the spaceport in the city of Zarra.

The planet is far from its former glory in the days before the clone wars. A world in the Colonies, Cato Neimoidia should be far more populated than it is. There is very little traffic travelling to and from the world. As the Banshee descended towards the planet, it flies through layers of clouds and zooms over cities built on massive bridges between rock arches. However, the bridge cities were all but abandoned seemingly left to rot after the Clone Wars.

The Banshee safely sets down without any problems or any sign of Imperial presence. Propaganda posters lined the walls of the spaceport, though there were no Stormtroopers or Imperial officers around to be seen. The outcasts look around, wondering what the best course of action may be. Sirona emerged from the ship. “I know the Imperial presence is low right now but still be careful, this is still an Imperial controlled planet and I am sure that number can change at any given notice.”

“Don’t worry Sirona, we will stay discrete, we don’t want to tip the hutt off on our intentions,” Hilliard said.

Jack chimed in, “Sir, if it you want to be discrete, may I suggest not blasting people in the face, no matter how fun it may be. I am programmed for infiltration if you need assistance, just ask.”

Tal raised his hands in the air as if feeling an invisible box, and closed his eyes, “This planet is very strong in dark energy, we should be cautious, war torn planets breed dark energy.”

“I will be on the Banshee if you need anything like an emergency evac, hopefully it won’t come down to that, if all goes well you should get the information and be able to leave the planet without drawing too much attention to yourselves,” Sirona said before going back inside the banshee.

The city of Zarra itself was dilapidated to the point of being hazardous. As the outcasts walked the streets they saw little in the way of authority or commerce. Several large buildings appeared to have been lavish palaces of Neimoidian merchants, but now lie half toppled and mostly destroyed. Rubble littered the streets, while landspeeders veered sharply to avoid chunks of permacrete lying haphazardly in the road. Though a number of beings, mostly shabby-looking Neimoidians, roamed the streets, it was clear that Zarra had been nearly abandoned since the clone wars.

As the outcasts stood in the streets of Zarra they noticed how quickly the streets seemed to have emptied out suddenly out of the blue. Before they could even think about it a swoop gang pulled up and circled around them howling and hooting while revving their repulsors. A young female human inched her bike in front of the rest and addressed the outcasts directly.

“It seems you didn’t pay the viper’s landing fee of 1000 credits, so pay up or we’ll have to teach you some manners,” the girl said with her arms crossed giving Hilliard an evil glare.

Gaph stepped forward, “Listen, we don’t mean you any harm just leave us be we have some business to attend to.”

The girl shrieked to her gang, “This guy ain’t got no manners talking to a lady like that, teach um a lesson boys!”

With that the swoops came back to life as they began circling the outcasts, cutting off any escape route. The first bike broke off from the group and began speeding towards Gaph with a vibroblade in hand taking a swift strike. Gaph was taken off guard but still managed to avoid any serious damage as he quickly ducked out of the way taking a shot at the attacker with his blaster pistol which unfortunately missed. A few more bikes broke formation and drove towards the group taking wild swings at Tal, Hilliard, and Jack which all missed, but they were gearing up for another assault. The next bike began his attack run, but Jack, beginning to grow impatient with this distraction fired a rocket from his wrist directly at the approaching bike, which hit as it exploded into a million pieces and the gang member fell dead, in multiple places.

Tal reached out with the force at the next two attacking bikes and swiftly lifted and slammed them back to the ground. One rider fell off, but the girl, who appeared to be the leader, managed to hold on tight. Realizing she was up against a Jedi the girl quickly threw a round object into the middle of the outcasts that quickly blew up in a blinding flash of light. Distracted and unaware of what was happening they didn’t notice her speed off into the distance, retreating. The remaining bikers kept circling them not allowing them to escape, so they were unable to pursue the leader. The gang began their next wave of attack, but this time two of them were met with a hail of blaster fire from Hilliard and Gaph downing two more bikers. Tal took a swipe at his attacker with his lightsaber, severing the nose of the swoop bike sending it into a spiral of death as it blew up against a nearby building. The last biker, seeing Jack standing there unarmed, figured he would take a swipe at the defenseless droid so at least he could feel superior to something. With a loud war cry he sped the swoop bike directly towards Jack with his vibroblade drawn. With all his might and the speed of the swoop behind him he took a mighty swing at Jack, who quickly ducked under the blade as if anticipating the attack, spinning around quickly it looked as though he took an unarmed swing at the back of the bike before it passed. Before the gang member knew it his swoop bike just exploded due to the frag grenade Jack had just tagged his bike with. The outcasts looked around at the carnage that now lay in the streets as they searched the bodies of the bikers for anything of value or any information that may lead them to Darga.

Unfortunately for them it seems that if this swoop gang was at all affiliated with Darga the Hutt they didn’t advertise it with any form of identification or datapad. With no luck from the gang, Gaph decided to utilize his underworld contacts to try to ascertain the location of Darga the Hutt. After several hours passed and a couple hundred credits later, Gaph was able to get information about a Neimoidian named Krett who owned a local cantina called The Federation’s Folly, his contacts swear if anybody knows anything in Zarra it would be him because people have a tendency to talk to him while intoxicated by Jawa Juice. The outcasts made their way over to the Federation’s Folly and approached the counter looking at Krett, who was attending to the various customers with a towel thrown over his shoulder. Seeing Gaph slam his hand down on the table Krett made his way over to him, “What’s your poison?”

Gaph took a quick look around the bar and saw that the drink of choice seemed to be Jawa Juice, “Give me a round of Jawa Juice for me and my friends here.” Krett cautiously eyed Hilliard and Tal before turning back to Gaph, “I am required to warn you that Jawa Juice can be a very powerful, mind affecting, drink that should be consumed responsibly, that being said, that’ll be 20 credits a glass.” Gaph rolled his eyes, “That is quite a lot for Jawa Juice don’t you think?” “Listen pal, if you haven’t noticed this isn’t exactly Coruscant, we have no Jawas living among us so it costs a lot of money to get it imported over here, and I am sure you noticed we do not get a lot of traffic here, if you don’t want the drinks leave me be I have a business to run,” Krett said wiping the counter vigorously with his towel.

“I understand friend, here you go. So you must see a lot of interesting people come in and out of here, perhaps even a Hutt named Darga?” Gaph said sipping his Jawa Juice.

“Sure I serve a lot of people here, I got a business to run, and a family to support so every little bit counts,” Krett said slamming a tip jar on the counter. Seeing the jar Gaph realized he was looking for a bribe, so he threw 150 credits into the jar, “Thanks for the drink friend, you run a pretty nice place here.” Krett shifted his eyes left to right before looking back at Gaph leaning in closer talking in more of a whisper now, “I had a customer in here the other day blabbing about losing some Sabaac game recently. He was complaining for a solid hour, but if I remember correctly he did mention Darga the Hutt, perhaps it was Darga’s game. I would talk to Vigro, he runs the landspeeder repair shop up the road that way. Now if you excuse me I still have a business to run.”

“Thank you for your time, Krett,” Gaph said getting off the bar stool. Krett threw the towel back over his shoulder and went about attending to the other customers once more. With the name Vigro in mind the outcasts walked over to the broken down building with the sign falling off of the wall that read Vigro’s Repulsorlifts. Upon entering the building, scattered about the store were various parts thrown on some makeshift shelves. To the back there was a garage bay door that you could see several landspeeders being worked on by a few droids while behind the counter to the right there was a male neimoidian wearing a carbon stained jumpsuit that looked to have some point been orange but the dirt and other substances made that barely noticeable. He looked up to them as they entered the shop with a look of suspicion on his face. “May I help you with something?”

Tal stepped up to the counter, “So we heard from Krett that you may know where we may find Darga the Hutt?”

Without making eye contact Vigro quickly responded, “Why would I know anything about a Hutt, when is the last time you saw a Hutt driving a Landspeeder I ask you. I only know the people who come into the store for parts or repairs.”

Tal looked back towards Gaph who stepped forward, “We heard that you know Darga from a Sabaac game you played in recently.”

“Sure I play Sabaac, I have a soft spot for the game I can’t help it, I play with a lot of people but I think I would remember playing with a Hutt in all fairness they are rather hard to miss. Now do you actually have credits to spend here on parts or repairs or are you just wasting my time because I could definitely use them if you do, times are hard, and you already know I have a soft spot for Sabaac,” Vigro said looking down at the tip jar he had stashed on the counter.

Hilliard spoke, “You said you liked Sabaac, I would love to get into a game, do you know of any games going on?”

Vigros eyes lit up, “You play Sabaac too friend, sure I could get us in the next game, I’ll tell you where it is if you spot me the thousand credit buy in.” Hilliard shook his head, “That’s a bit too rich for my blood, but you are right, you seem to run a tight business, keep up the good work.”

Seeing Hilliard slip another 150 credits into the tip jar Vigro finally made eye contact with him, “Okay so I did play in a game of Sabaac recently. I was on a hot streak I knew I couldn’t lose so I took a loan from this guy that was at the table named Salitt. He informed me that I would have to pay back every credit plus interest or I would anger Darga. I could care less about his warning I thought I had an unbeatable hand so I threw it all in including the loan he just gave me. To my disappointment the bastard threw a fools array down on the table taking both pots and leaving me with nothing but the clothes on my back, which I would have traded in if they were worth anything. I never dealt with Darga directly but Salitt must if he is giving loans in Darga’s name I would try him though I don’t know where he would be at this time. Is that all? If that is so I must be getting back to my work so I can make money before Darga throws a bounty hunter my way.”

Vigro went back into the garage to check on the progress of his droids as the outcasts walked back out into the streets. After talking to a few more citizens on the street about Salitt it doesn’t take long for them to point the outcasts in the right direction. Apparently everyone knows Salitt, claiming he is one crazy old bastard who usually hangs out behind the Federation’s Folly. They made their way back to the cantina and quickly walked around to the back where there was a neimoidian wearing the worn and tattered robes of a nobleman of the trade federation. He looked at them as if they were beneath him and just speaks, “What business do you have with me, do you know I used to be the Viceroy for the Trade Federation back in the day I wouldn’t even waste a glance at you, now quickly speak, I haven’t got all day.”

Taken aback by this outrageous claim Tal took a minute to finally ask, “Excuse me…sir, could you tell us where we might be able to find Darga the Hutt?” Salitt, while pacing in the alley responded, “The real question is when my shuttle will arrive to escort me off this dead rock to the estate on the planet Dantooine that I am entitled to as the Viceroy of the Trade Federation, of course how can they land if they can’t pay the docking fee, funny when I was in charge I don’t remember there being a docking fee.”

“Um, okay, not to sound rude…sir, but what are you talking about?” Tal asked in confusion.

“I have to get out of here the Republic will hunt me down if they know I was still here….wait are you with the Republic, stay away from me I know how to fight,” Salitt said raising his hands in a fighting stance.

Tal turned to Gaph and Hilliard shrugging. Gaph stepped forward to ask, “Excuse me, Viceroy; we heard from Vigro that you were giving out loans in Darga the Hutt’s name, could you tell us anything about that?”

Salitt gave Gaph a look of disgust as if he just spoke out of turn, “Why is it so hard to believe that the Viceroy can’t loan out some credits where they are needed, I have a fortune if I could just find my house, it is not where it used to be. I hid the safe behind the portrait of that Hutt I can’t remember his name.”

Gaph smiled thinking he was making progress, “Was it Darga?”

Salitt crossed his arms and stared at the ground, “It is a shame I didn’t bring my credstick now I can’t even afford a simple drink at the cantina, back in the day Twi’lek slave girls served me drinks in their underwear if I asked it, now it is hopeless unless I can find my house and get my credits, the Hutt told me he would help me find my house here on the planet if I helped him out. Loaning out credits in his name, it is quite demeaning when you think about the position of power I held only a few short years ago.”

“Where can we find this, Hutt?”

Salitt just responded, “I can’t remember where my house is, quit badgering me, I used to be the Viceroy of the Trade Federation damnit!”

Gaph turned back to the others in defeat looking about as if hoping someone else has an idea on what to do next. Finally the silence is broken when Jack stepped forward raising his blaster rifle, “It seems this fleshy biped is malfunctioning, may I shoot him in the face now, sir, it would bring me great pleasure.”

Tal pushed Jack back, “No, Jack, there will be no shooting of anyone, I am sure we can reach a peaceful solution, we must negotiate with him some more.”

“Sure, Hilliard can negotiate with people by shooting them in the face, but when I ask to do it I am rejected,” Jack said condescendingly reattaching his blaster rifle to his hip.

Tal handed Salitt 200 credits, “Thank you for your troubles, Viceroy, perhaps you can use this to buy a drink.”

Salitt looked down at the credits and quickly slipped them into his pocket, “Normally a person of my stature would never accept a bribe so meager, but times are hard. I will gladly pay you back when I find my house. To answer your question no I did not deal with Darga directly I was approached by another fellow not too long ago. He asked me to sit at a few Sabaac games to hand out loans in Darga’s name. I took my datapad and entered in the amount I loaned out and to whom I loaned it to. After I was done he would scan my datapad and take any credits I didn’t loan out. I assume he would take it back to Darga directly, though with an authority figure such as him sometimes you have to go down the grapevine when it comes to remaining secure and safe, I should know I used to be the Viceroy for the Trade Federation. I just need to find my house.”

“Thank you, your Excellency, but may I ask what his name was, the man who hired you to do this?”

Salitt crossed his arms and looked at the ground again, “As Viceroy of the Trade Federation I never took the time or effort to remember anybody’s name that was beneath me, but I remember it being either Borlo or Desson I cannot remember which. I have more important matters to attend to, if I could just find my house…”

The outcasts turned away and began to walk off realizing he was either out of his mind or so emotionally scarred he was a rambling idiot, either way they decided it was best to leave him to his own devices as he continued to talk about his house and his other estate off planet because he used to be the Viceroy of the Trade Federation. After talking amongst themselves they decide to look for Borlo to see if he can tell them where Darga is. After talking to his contacts again, Gaph determined that Borlo spent most of his nights at a sleazy dance club called The Gems of Neimoidia. Making their way over there they find Borlo sitting at the stage throwing credits at the dancers. Borlo was a male Rodian so he was easy enough to spot.

Hilliard decided that he would talk to Borlo, “These dancers are really something huh?”

Borlo, not breaking eye contact from the dancer said, “Yes, they are quite fine, I wish I had some more money, I hear with the right amount the owner lets you have some private time with the dancer of your choice.”

Hilliard nods, “That sounds like something, tell me, do you know where I might find Darga the Hutt?

Borlo sits silently for a moment before answering, “I am not sure who you mean, besides, I am a bit pre occupied, it is not polite to keep a lady waiting.”

Hilliard rolled his eyes realizing that Borlo was looking for a bribe. He hands him over 200 credits, “Here my friend, maybe you can put that towards your private audience with that girl.”

Borlo grabs the credits quickly and finally turns to look at Hilliard, “Now that you mention it, I do a little work for Darga the Hutt on occasion, though I have never been invited to his palace so I couldn’t tell you where that is. There is this Devaronian though; they call him “The Doctor” real name is Warrick Raden. He is actually the personal errand boy of Darga so if anyone knows where to find Darga it is him, and on top of that I know exactly where he is. When he is outside the palace he is mostly at the excavation site. He digs around the ruins trying to find things of value for Darga to help build his criminal empire. The excavation site is 10 miles to the north of Zarra, I’d be careful though, lots of colorful folk lives between here and there,” finishing his statement he turns back to the dancer ignoring Hilliard completely now.

Finally after a whole day of searching they had a solid lead on where they might be able to locate Darga, or at least his personal errand boy. They set out on the long journey to the excavation site. Thankfully it is uneventful and they make it there safely. The site is very loud as a pair of excavation droids dig through the rubble. The outcasts begin sneaking around the site eyeing a pair of guards patrolling the area. Moving in quickly they silently take out the guards before anybody is any wiser. The blaster bolts were thankfully masked by the loud noises emanating from the site.

They decide to sneak around the back of the buildings where another pair of guards were talking about something in huttese. Gaph utilized his beak to make a distracting noise that sends one guard off into the distance. Moving quickly in on the remaining guard they are able to take him out before he even knows what hits him. Before they could make it into the ruined building the other guard came back and began to shoot at them. Jack quickly shot him right in the chest as he fell to the ground dead. Sneaking through the rubble and ruins of the building they finally come to the other side where they listen in on a conversation someone is having in huttese.

Peering around the corner, Tal sees a Devaronian talking to a wookie. He reaches out with the force to touch Warrick’s mind. He successfully makes a connection and tells him, “Come Raden, it is your old friend Tal come talk to me.” Affecting his mind, Raden was now convinced that Tal was his old friend and he greeted him warmly with a hearty handshake.

“It has been a long time, friend, what brings you here?” Raden asks.

“Just looking for work, how about you, are you digging for buried treasure or something?” Tal asked pointing to the excavation droids still working.

“Well, a while back I located this hidden CIS weapons cache while digging through this rubble. I was so thrilled with my discovery I ran and told Darga all about it. He seemed quite impressed that I actually found something of value and demanded I bring it back to him immediately. I ran back here to get, and to my surprise it was gone.”

Tal shook his head, “I am sorry to hear that, who else knew about it?”

Raden shrugged, “I don’t know, I only told Darga while I was in his court, but anyone in that room could have heard about it. So I didn’t want to come back empty handed. I had also found a medical cache here and decided it was better than nothing. Boy was I wrong. Darga flipped out on me, that’s when they started calling me the doctor or sometimes Doctor Raden. I was banished from the palace after that. Ever since then I have been digging trying to find something worthy of Darga so I can barter my way back into his court.”

“You need not look any further; my friends and I here were looking to join Darga’s court as well. Perhaps bringing him some strong and capable fighters under his service will make up for something?” Tal asked.

Raden thought for a moment then his face lit up, “Yes, Darga is always looking for strong and loyal followers, come I can take you to him in my landspeeder,” looking at the group counting with his fingers he goes, “hm, well that won’t work, I can only fit one other person, unless you want to ride on the back, but even then only three total can come with us.”

“Well I don’t imagine there will be much killing on this endeavor, so I will just wait for you all back at the Banshee if you need me,” Jack said with a hint of disappointment in his voice. With that said Raden started up the landspeeder while Tal climbed into the passenger seat, while Hilliard and Gaph held onto the back and they zipped off only turning back to see Jack walking away in the distance.



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