Session 2

Upon exiting the lift for the first time the outcasts had their first look at the Imperial controlled blue deck. Unlike green deck the place was well maintained and the corridors were filled with humans with barely any aliens in sight. The observation deck had the most spectacular view of the planet Brentaal that they had ever seen since arriving on the station. Hilliard started leading the way confident that the credentials that Switch had provided him with were up to code. Walking close behind him Tal and Gaph were walking shoulder to shoulder with binder cuffs placed upon their wrists. To the naked eye it would appear that they were captured and had no way of escaping, but in reality the cuffs were not sealed and they could remove them at any time just in case something went wrong. Off the side of the group the protocol droid that they knew as Jack was calmly walking without a moments hesitation, though it is hard to tell what emotions a droid has when they have no way to convey them. Hilliard began to walk more erratically as he searched for the main docking bay that Switch had stored the cargo they needed to retrieve for Maya and Switch. Catching on to his flustered expression a COMPNOR Informant wearing his black armband walked up to Hilliard and caused the outcasts to stop in their tracks.

“Where are you off to?” he asked Hilliard with a hint of suspicion in his voice.

Hilliard choked a bit, “Ah, we a, well we were heading to the main docking bay I was transporting these newly acquired slaves off the station.”

Not buying it he asked, “Do you have any credentials?”

Now less confident that the credentials Switch supplied him were in fact in order he began to panic a bit reaching for the plaster pistol holstered to his hip slowly. Seeing his struggle Tal decided to intervene as he focused his mind to connect with the informants mind. Once he established the connection he simply told him, “You don’t need to see his credentials.” The informant nodded and repeated the exact same phrase out loud to Hilliard, “I don’t need to see your credentials.” As the informant slinked off into an adjacent corridor Hilliard let out a sigh of relief as they continued to locate the main docking bay. It was only a matter of a few more twists and turns but they managed to locate the large blast door that was labeled as the main docking bay of Blue Deck. Hilliard opened the door, followed by Tal, Gaph and Jack. The bay was quite large, to the back there was a control room with a window that looked out over the entire docking bay. Straight ahead they noticed a squadron of Stormtroopers moving cargo around and an Imperial Officer barking orders at them. There was also another Stormtrooper who was piloting a repulsor sled that was towing behind it a block of carbonite that obviously had a human male trapped within.

Finally taking notice to the outcasts the Imperial Officer quickly shouted across the docking bay. “This is a restricted area, blast them!” Unable to avoid the fight ahead the outcasts quickly drew their weapons looking around the room for the best possible cover. Hilliard scattered to the right and leapt behind a cargo crate off to the side and tried to take aim with his blaster pistol at the nearest Stormtrooper. Gaph with his blaster pistol drawn was scanning the room trying to figure out which crate contained Switch’s cargo. Distracted he was almost blasted by the blaster turret mounted on the repulsor sled. Tal seeing the danger the sled imposed drew his lightsaber and ran faster than the eye could see toward the repulsor sled. About halfway there he leapt off the ground with great ease as he nearly jumped the height of the entire docking bay and landed directly on the repulsor sled and attempted to swing his lightsaber at the pilot. The Stormtrooper was startled but managed to duck out of the way long enough to steer the repulsor sled full speed towards the nearest wall. Tal quickly tumbled off the damaged sled and landed safely on the ground; unfortunately the Stormtrooper pilot wasn’t as fortunate and was flung off the sled along with the carbonite block it was towing. He fell prone on the ground just as Tal was running towards him thrusting the saber down into the ground, luckily the Stormtrooper was able to roll out of the way and regain his footing. Having lost his rifle in the crash he attempted to punch the Jedi in the face, as his fist flung forward in his last stitch effort Tal recognized a weakness in his defensive stance and dealt the killing blow as he crumpled to the ground lifeless.

Gaph took a few shots at the remaining Stormtroopers and landed a couple lethal shots quickly and efficiently as the remaining troopers fell to the ground. Hilliard running from his cover tried to close ground on the Imperial Officer who was hiding behind a crate on the far end of the docking bay near the hanger bay door that currently looked out over Brentaal. Dodging a few shots from the officer Hilliard demanded that he surrender if he valued his life. The Imperial Officer responded by calling for backup. Gaph realized the backup would be there momentarily so he quickly ran back to the door where Jack was still standing and started slicing the door controls. He managed to crack the system and lock the blast door, happy with his work be began running towards the main control room in order to disable the anti-air turret that was mounted near the entrance to the docking hanger. Soon enough they heard the squadron of Stormtrooper reinforcements trying to get the door open, one of them called out to use the control room door.

Knowing now that the control room had an exterior door Gaph picked up his pace in an effort to lock that door down as well, but to no avail as an Imperial Office ran to the console in the control room followed by two Stormtroopers guarding him. Gaph quickly took cover behind the wall. As he was doing that the reinforcements managed to open the main blast door to about their knees. The attempted to take a few haphazard shots through the opening but failed to hit anyone. Gaph shouted to Jack, “Knock over the barrel of coolant by the door and light it up. Hearing Gaph’s orders Jack quickly interpreted that to mean knock over the coolant and shoot a rocket from his wrist directly at the opening of the blast door. The explosion was loud as the cries of panicked Stormtroopers screaming in pain echoed through the entire docking bay. Unfortunately Jack’s rocket also destroyed the blast door so if more reinforcements were to arrive they would be able to run right in.

Just then the Imperial Officer in the control room closed the hanger door shut so even if the anti-air turret were disabled a ship wouldn’t be able to land in it. Tal’s adrenaline was pumping and he made a poor decision of running into the control room where the two Stormtroopers fired a few shots into his body as he fell to the ground injured but still alive, for now. Hilliard finally took down the original Imperial Officer at the back of the docking bay and started to make his way towards the control room. Pinned down, Gaph kept trying to take shots at the Stormtroopers but they kept taking cover just in the knick of time to avoid a fatal blow. Finally he let off two shots that directly into the weak points of the Stormtrooper armor as they fell to the ground dead.

Taking cover behind the computer console the Imperial Officer called for more backup. He was managing to keep Hilliard and Gaph pinned down while Tal lay motionless on the floor shallowly breathing. Jack called Gaph on his comlink and asked him if there was any manual override near the hanger door. Knowing the standard model Imperials normally use in their docking bays Gaph remembered there being a grate next to the hanger door that can be used to open the door. He said he would be there as soon as he could be, Jack, being incredibly impatient quickly loaded another rocket into his wrist and fired it directly at the grate Gaph spoke of. Within minutes the blast door opened as they could once again see the planet in its view. Luckily the grate Jack busted also housed the power supply for the AA-Turret and thus it was also disabled which gave Sirona a chance to finally land The Banshee. Running down the loading ramp Sirona quickly fired a few shots through the glass window directly at the remaining Imperial Officer.

Jack grabbed the carbonite block and loaded it onto the ship while Gaph grabbed Switch’s cargo and quickly ran onboard. Hilliard slung Tal over his shoulder and quickly made his way to the ramp, just as he was about the reach the ramp he heard the squadron of reinforcements yell, “Blast them!” A couple shots almost hit Hilliard but he was determined to get Tal safely onboard. The Banshee quickly flew out of the station and safely made the jump to hyperspace.

Hilliard dropped Tal off in the ship’s medical bay and joined the rest of the group in the cockpit where Sirona introduced them all to her friend and co-pilot Crash. “Oh no, Sirona, what trouble have you brought onboard with us this time, this is going to be the death of me I just know it!” Everyone chuckled at Crash’s expense.

Sirona then said, “I am going to go secure the cargo safely, feel free to use the medical bay and the lodgings to rest up and recover, I am sure you had a long day!”



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