Session 1

After arriving on the Sel Zonn Station the outcasts noticed the Stormtroopers carrying off their pilot in binder cuffs claiming the ships has been grounded for illegal activities. The Freebird Shuttle Corporation offered to put the passengers up in a hotel for as long as it takes to get a new shuttle for them if they simply present their IDs. Not wanting to be seen the outcasts slipped into the crowd. Unbeknownst to them there was a female human named Maya who took notice of their strange behavior approached them. She offered the outcasts some work and a place to stay understanding why some people wouldn’t want to be under the Empire’s radar. The outcasts knowing full well they have very few options decide to follow cautiously. Maya leads them around a few corners as they exchange words about the station, the empire, and the lack of non-humans in the area. Finally she leads them to the Mechanical Allies Droid Repair Shop. Once inside the outcasts come face to face with a Twi’Lek named San. The outcasts talk to San who seems very friendly and warm to them. He is grateful for the aid the outcasts have offered him and his shop. Work has been hard since the Empire has been hitting non-human establishments with fines and other various made up nonsense. San believes that the Empire has been abducting non-human store owners for bogus crimes like high treason but it is apparent to him that they are just being racist.

Maya and her droid companion Jack are also in the store and she tells them how it is hard for Jack because his vocabulator was damaged a while back so he is unable to speak as he once did. Gaph being a technological genius offered to fix his vocabulator up with some spare parts that San had lying around the store he threw San a few credits and took Jack to the workbench in the back and began to work on him. While doing that Hilliard and Tal decided to hit up Gundark’s, the local cantina located on Green Deck, for some refreshments. Upon arriving at Gundark’s Hilliard walked up to the barkeep and ordered a few orders of stew that the barkeep insisted was Bantha Stew though who knows what the meat was actually made of. After exchanging some credits for the four soups he was getting ready to head out when a loud mouth, but attractive, female human entered the bar challenging people to a drinking contest. Hilliard and Tal found her odd so they didn’t take up her offer. After drinking some random patron under the table she challenged the bar again and after seeing the passed out human on the floor nobody even bothered.

Hilliard started to talk with the girl and found out that her name was Sirona and she is actually a pilot with her own ship. She tells them about her co-pilot “Crash” and about her ship “The Banshee” After questioning her about carrying capacity Hilliard realized that it would be possible to barter with Sirona for a ride off the station. She shrugged him off when her eye caught the Sabaac table. She said they should all play at the table for a good time. Hilliard was a bit sluggish at first knowing that the table had some Imperial Informants sitting there but in order to gain her trust enough to barter passage he felt playing would be necessary. It was intense as round after round passed by, soon Sirona and the other black armband human were out and it was between Hilliard and the last remaining black armband human. The round seemed like it was lasting forever and knowing that they needed credits to get off the planet Tal was a bit nervous about Hilliard losing so he used a bit of the force to persuade the man to fold so Hilliard won by default. The men were angry but didn’t start anything and left the cantina yelling at each other. Sirona, thoroughly entertained by the way Hilliard was able to get that guy to fold that she gladly accepted their offer to barter passage off of the space station. Hilliard and Tal decided it would be best to go back to the warehouse so they exited the Cantina. Back in the warehouse Gaph was just putting the finishing touches on Jack’s new vocabulator, but while he was working he decided to scan his memory banks to find out where Jack came from and where he was manufactured trying to get more information on the mysterious Maya.

The information he found was not all that compelling, Jack was manufactured and sold on the planet of Alderaan. Still peaked by curiosity, Gaph decided to walk over to the Cantina where he knew there was a public holonet access terminal. Once getting there he took a gander at the holonet trying to find some kind of information that would enlighten them to their current situation. Realizing the public access wasn’t enough he decided to slice the machine. He found a backdoor into the Imperial Network on the station and did a quick search on San and found he has been working on the station for 10 years with no prior arrests or anything, an upright citizen. There was some red code located at the bottom of the page which Gaph decided to copy down to his datapad for later. He then did a search on Maya and found no record of her being on the station. Finally he decided to research Captain Marek of the Freebird who was arrested upon their arrival. The record showed that he was arrested for illegal smuggling and for being a possible terrorist. Satisfied with what he found he decided to cover his tracks and log off the machine which he did with ease. As he was turning away from the terminal he heard a loud woman challenging people to a drinking contest as he saw Hilliard and Tal emerge from the cantina.

Gaph relayed the information he had discovered on the Imperial Network to the rest of the gang and they were discussing all of this in the middle of the street. As they were talking they noticed two figures in the shadows and decided it was best to split up and double back to the warehouse. When all were convinced no one was following them they reconvened at the warehouse where they were greeted by Jack and his newly repaired Vocabulator so he seemed thrilled to speak about anything so the outcasts took this as an opportunity to learn more about Maya. They questioned Jack who was happy to oblige and answered all their questions. When they realized they were getting no where with Jack they woke up Maya and demanded answers. Flustered Maya promised them that they would talk about it in the morning but sleep was important. Everyone agreed and they drifted off to sleep.

The next day they are awoken to a panicked Jack who tells them that Maya had left to go find out why San had been arrested during the night. Jack informs them that Maya had given him permission to answer any of their questions and help as best as he could. In this conversation they found out that Jack was hacked into the Imperial Network and was able to wirelessly connect to it. Giving Jack the datapad he had recorded his information on the night before Jack was able to discern that San had been arrested by the Empire for treason. Upon entering the red code Gaph found Jack was able to find out that the numbers were actually a code that basically translated to slave trade. Jack insisted that the outcasts linger there no longer and meet Maya at Gundark’s Cantina to find out everything else they need to know.

They quickly ran over to Gundark’s in time to hear some kind of commotion as people ran out of the Cantina. Among those people was Maya screaming for help as a Stormtrooper shot her in the back. Falling to the ground at the feet of the outcasts the Stormtroopers assumed they were all working with her and thus decided to attack first and ask questions later. The battle was swift as Gaph quickly downed to of the Imperial Informants wearing the black armbands with a couple of blaster shots. As one of the Stormtroopers went to take a shot with his blaster carbine it exploded in his hands due to some misfire, as far as everyone could tell but it was really Tal using the force secretly to try and even the odds. Much to his dismay the trooper had a stun grenade on his belt and threw it at them, to which most of the outcasts were able to dodge. Once they downed one of the troopers the other called for backup and tried to escape through the Cantina window but was unable to. Hilliard quickly gathered a blaster carbine and a utility belt with medpac from one of the downed stormtroopers which might have cost him his life since as he did that they heard the lift that lead to the Blue Deck begin to descend with a squadron of Stormtroopers that had been called for backup. Quickly they all rand off before the lift could touch the ground.

Gaph decided to take another look at the Imperial Network to see if they could refund their tickets to barter Sirona to take them off the station but found out that the Freebird Shuttle Corporation had been shut down by the Empire for unknown reasons and they were not able to refund their tickets at this time. While in the network he found out there was a high alert with some minor descriptions of the outcasts for their battle at Gundark’s. Gaph used his slicing skills and temporarily changed the alert to claim that the group had been found at hanger bay 84 and that assistance was needed to take them in. Attempting to cover his tracks again he thought he did a good job but failed to realize there was an alert he set off in the network about illegal hacking that was sent to a masked IP address.

Finally returning to the warehouse carrying Maya they lay her down on one of the bed foams and utilized a medpak from the trooper to heal her enough to be able to talk. She informed them that she was a security agent from the planet Alderaan and was sent to this station to acquire a certain shipment that was now being held by a droid crimelord named Switch. She mentioned something about deep storage bay V14 and told the outcasts to hurry. They told her to head to docking bay 94 to meet up with Sirona who has volunteered to take them off the planet. Sending her on her way they started to head in the direction Maya told them. When they got there they found that every entrance to deep storage bay V14 was blocked off. Gaph hacked into the network again to find out that V14 was under quarantine yet oddly enough no maintenance orders of any kind have been sent to that area. According to the blueprints there was an exhaust system that ran right through the storage bay. Gaph attempted to shut down the exhaust system only to find out it was already shut down, and had been for a while due to the quarantine. The outcasts climbed through the exhaust duct and into the deep storage bay where they found a door guarded by two Gamorreans. They walked up to them with no sign of hostility from the Gamorreans and asked them if they could see Switch. They just stood there not moving grunting to themselves. After a few failed attempts at talking to them Hilliard tried to bribe them with 50 credits. The Gamorreans took the meager bribe but still did not move as if expecting more credits then that. They finally gave each Gamorrean guard 100 credits each and they let them pass without any trouble.

Within the bay they met up with the droid crimelord Switch. He introduced himself and referred to the outcasts by name saying that he is glad they were not heavily damaged at Gundark’s letting them know that not only does he know who they are but what they have been up to in the station since their arrival. Switch began to answer any of their questions about the cargo except for exactly where the cargo was, only that it was right under the Imperial’s noses which he thought was a rather clever place. He would disclose the location in exchange for 1,000 credits due to the prices of storing cargo on blue deck begin so high these days. The party refused to pay the 1,000 credits and tried to talk him down from that amount. Successfully, though almost too easily, switch offered 500 credits plus any information that they come across in their travel be sent to him that could fetch a hefty price on the market. The party was still reluctant to pay that much money not knowing what the cargo was or where it was stored or how hard it would be to retrieve it. Finally Switch offers one final offer. He was attempting to ship some Correllian Ale to Alderaan on the Freebird when the Imperials some how got wind of this and took the cargo and the captain away. If they were willing to take this shipment of ale to Alderaan he would be willing to wave the fee entirely as long as they promised still to give him any juicy information they find out.

Before the party could agree there was a sound of a scuffle outside the door as the Gamorreans were killed outside and a group of thugs and a shifty looking Chivan named Ganga Lor entered. Ganga seemed rather annoyed and Switch and demanded that he surrender his organization over to him. He was tired of all his failed attempts at taking it over including his latest by tipping off the Imperials about the ale which in turn grounded the Freebird on the station in the first place. Now he was doing some kind of deal with the offworlders and he had enough and started to shoot at switch. Shots were fired back and forth as Ganga and his goons tried to take out the outcasts and Switch’s goons. Using a massive surge of force power Tal quickly slammed the group of thugs down knocking them to the ground and even killing some of them in the process. Surprised and injured Ganga called out to Switch’s goons saying what is he paying them for in which they began attacking the outcasts and switch. They were quickly dispatched and Ganga was left unconscious on the floor. Switch was most pleased with the help of the outcasts and offered use of some of his medical supplies to heal up and gave Hilliard some Imperial Credentials to help him navigate safer through blue deck. Worried that non-humans on blue deck could prove to be troublesome Switch ensured them that there are non-humans there but they are slaves. With that knowledge the group healed up and decided to hop on the elevator to see what awaited them on Blue Deck to retrieve the precious cargo and hopefully escape the station unscathed.



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