Status: Deceased

A unique looking droid that appears to be clad in black plating. At first glance he could easily be mistaken for any standard protocol droid. Though once you see him on the battlefield doing anything and everything to turn the tides in his favor he can be pretty scary and intimidating.


When first encountered Jack appeared to be a mute protocol droid under the ownership of Maya on the Sel Zonn station above the planet Brentaal. Once his vocabulator was fixed by Gaph he was able to speak and very grateful for his services. Though one could argue that he liked talking a bit too much, and a bit too loudly. When inspecting his programming all Gaph found was that he was a protocol droid manufactured and purchased on the planet of Alderaan. After meeting up with the droid crimelord Switch they learned that Jack was actually one of his best field agents and offers to allow him to accompany them to help ensure the safe retrieval and delivery of Switch’s cargo to the planet Alderaan. Not much else is known about Jack except that he is a rather blood thirsty and doesn’t seem to have that much concern for organic lifeforms.

After travelling with the outcasts for quite some time, there is still little known about Jack and what his true motives are. At first it was thought he was in it to be a spy for Switch but soon they learned that Jack cut off all ties with Switch by choice. Then they thought his motivation was credits when he demanded to be paid at a mercenary fee by the Alderaanian Resistance for every mission he completed for them. When Jack started accepting the salary of a regular soldier of the Alderaanian Resistance like the rest of the outcasts, it seems the only movivation he could possibly have was either the longing for bloodshed, or he secretly enjoyed the company he kept and didn’t wish any harm to come to them. It is probably not the latter….

Battle after battle Jack has been nothing but a loyal ally to the outcasts, though he may not be the friendliest droid, or the most trustworthy, he always came through in the end whether it was to blow up a few Headhunters to prevent them from helping Darga escape, or blowing an Inquisitor to pieces when he realized blaster fire is rather usless against someone trained with a lightsaber. He has also helped out in a few covert ops by pretending to be a humble protocol droid, which he was eerily good at. Though this was not the weirdest thing Jack ever did. While on a mission to Tatooine the outcasts found a small Jawa scavanger named Teebo when they were following a lead on the Deus Ex Machina. To their surprise Jack seemed to really like the small Jawa, and not in the you are so tiny I want to blow you up sense either. Teebo was a frightened little Jawa and for some reason he warmed up to Jack, and Jack warmed up to him.

During their last excursion to the Almas Jedi Academy, which was a ruin of its former glory, chasing after a Holocron Jedi Master Denia sent them to find, they ran into Inqusitor Draco. At the end of one of the battles in the Academy the strangest thing happened. All of the Outcasts were being effected by the dark side of the Force, but none as much as Tal. At the end of a battle with a reflection of himself Jack took on the visage of his former Jedi Master Sevarius and he brought him back from the brink of a mental breakdown do the the power of the dark side. Everyone saw it, but Jack denied it saying to them they were all under the influence and backing up his claim with a holovid of the situation he had taken. Though the battles were tough and they thought many times that they would never get through alive they finally came across the hiding place of the holocron, and had one final altercation with Inquistor Draco. Upon arriving in the room Koth found Jack’s Blaster rifle on the ground next to what looked like humanoid claw prints heavily inprinted at the edge of the cliffside, causing him to come to the conclusion that Jack must have found Draco while he was exploring the ruins alone and met an untimely end. After an intense battle against Inquisitor Draco and his seemingly endless power they finally gained the upper hand when Bouncer Karl sliced off Draco’s arm and sent him spiralling out of control releasing all of his pent up darkside energies at once. As Draco began bringing the cave down upon the Outcasts the sound of a jetpack could be heard as Jack came flying up from the cliffside on the back of a dead mandalorian.

Landing inbetween Draco and the Outcasts armed with a frag grenade in each hand and badly damaged the strangest thing happened. Jack’s eyes started to glow red as he recited what seemed like a prerecorded message in a voice that was not his own. Assassination Protocols activated, target acquired, Inquisitor Draco, execute Order 66! That being said he ran forward faster than he had ever ran before as he crashed into the unsuspecting Draco and simultaniously both frag grenades exploded sending Draco and Jack flying off the cliffside into what seemed like a bottomless pit. That is the last time the Outcasts saw Jack. Though he was crazy, blood thirsty, and untrustworthy at times, he always came through in a pinch.


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