She is a strikingly beautiful red headed human in her early 20s. She is usually always smiling even when she is caught in the crossfire.


When the outcasts first encountered her she was on the Sel Zonn station offering them lodgings that were out of the prying eyes of the Empire. She was a good friend when they had no one to turn to. During their stay on the station they learned that Maya was endanger because she was on a secret mission for the Alderaanian Resistance to recover precious cargo from the droid crimelord Switch. Wounded in the struggle at Gundark’s Cantina the outcasts risked their own lives to protect her and retrieve the precious cargo narrowly escaping the station from a squadron of Stormtroopers. Once they boarded The Banshee they made a quick jump into hyperspace for the planet of Alderaan. Because of their bravery Maya lived to see another day as she was left on the planet in order to make a full recovery.

Last Known Location – Alderaan


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