Information Broker


At first glance he looks like any other 3D-4 Administrator droid, but behind that metal plating houses the processor of one of the leading informants in the galaxy.


When the outcasts first met Switch he was located on the Sel Zonn station in a sector that was under quarantine. They needed to seek him out because Maya told them of the precious cargo he was holding for her and how the retrieval of said cargo was important to help combat the Empire. Switch is a 3D-4 Administrator droid that has obviously never had his memory wiped. His organization deals with the selling of valuable information to whomever hires them to retrieve it. Little is known about how Switch came to power but one thing is for sure his organization reaches the far corners of the galaxy. In order to obtain the cargo the outcasts agreed to deliver his package to Alderaan, as well as feed him any valuable information that they come across in their travels. After successfully delivering the package to Alderaan the outcasts were paid a few credits by a servant droid that worked in Senator Bail Organa’s household showing just how far Switch’s influence reaches.

The Outcasts later were contacted by Switch when they were infiltrating the Sabaac Tournament on the planet Bespin. He offered them a cheating device, and part of the grand prize if they helped his agent win the tournament. They said they would, but only used the cheating device to aide his agent after Hilliard lost on his own in the Tournament.

The next time they came face to face with Switch was while he was “house sitting” for Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine. They helped to deliver a shipment of corellean ale to Jabba’s Palace in exchange for a hefty sum of credits. The job seemed too good to be true, and perhaps it was, for while there they met up with the Karg brothers again, Bouncer Karl’s brothers. They took part in an honor duel against the Karg Brothers the reinstate Bouncer Karl’s honor in the Karg clan. In doing so they gained a valuable ally in the Karg clan. Perhaps this was Switch’s master plan all along, though it is hard to tell with him. Since then they haven’t seen Switch but he is sure to pop back up in the near future.

Current Location: Unknown


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