Rowan Trammer

Resurgence Weapon Smith


Grizzled and tired looking. he has a scar across his right eye from a battle long ago.


An ex-mercenary of the Clone Wars this Bothan has seen more than his fair share of battles, everywhere from droids killing his comrades and even the execution of order 66. You can tell by looking at him how shook up he is, his eyes seem to dart around when a new face approaches him as if he is calculating the best exit strategies if it turns out he is under attack. He also sizes people up determining if they would be worth anything on the battlefield. In his retirement he spends a lot of his time building weapons and selling them at a reasonable price to anybody who may need it in the field. Though his selection is limited he has a decent amount of the basics and occasionally a nice rare gem that he will not sell unless you have the credits and he deems you worthy to carry it.

Rowan Trammer

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