Xam Saar

Resurgence Engineer


The Ithorian before you doesn’t really stand out. When seeing him for the first time you notice he gets easily absorbed in whatever gadget or droid he is working on. Scattered about the room are several different kinds of droids and gadgets all unfinished. When he’s not working on something he is constantly entering data in his datapad or reading data he has written. He is a bit absentminded, hence all the unfinished objects, when an idea hits him he immediately stops what he is doing to work on it before he forgets, which obviously happens a lot.


Xam is the ship’s local mechanical genius. He is the head engineer but also in his spare time puts together droids that can be used to service the Alderaanian Resistance. He is very enthusiastic about technology. Here anyone in the resistance might acquire a droid companion or even parts to build their own droid. He doesn’t have a lot of options but he has a few basic droid models to choose from amongst them protocol and astromech droids.

Xam Saar

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