Rachel Longstar


Rachel a very flirtatious dark-haired girl with striking blue eyes and a pale but beautiful complexion covered in light but noticeable freckles across her face. She goes about her business cataloging supplies and counting credits though she always looks a bit distracted. Sometimes her mind wanders away as if dreaming of some place better, you can tell because usually she gets a hint of a smile before snapping back to reality and going back to work.


Rachel runs a sort of shop on the Resurgence where members of the resistance can buy basic supplies like rations and rope and anything else they might need. She takes care of cataloging everything and sells it at a reasonable price. Her inventory, however is restricted to the amount of supplies she gets in whenever an Alderaanian agent picks up more cargo so she can sell out relatively quickly but eventually she’ll get more in. She seems content enough being on a starship but you can tell she has a fire for adventure in her heart. She loves to hear stories of adventures from the resistance members that pass through, and one day she hopes to partake in her own.

Rachel Longstar

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