Resurgence Admin Droid


As you walk through the corridors you can constantly get a glimpse of a 3D-4 series admin droid running around the ship going about its usually tasks. Sometimes he is even carrying a tray delivering it to the Captain or someone else of importance. He gets stopped in the hallway a lot by other members of the Resistance who ask him questions which he gladly answers if he can.


3D-4Y is the admin droid aboard the Resurgence. He is there for members of the resistance to utilize his knowledge for their missions. He has a great deal of Galactic knowledge and pretty much anything going on in the Resistance like missions and other endeavors if you are authorized to obtain such information, he is able to speak millions of forms of communications as well. He is also there to help serve some of the upper crew members with whatever needs they have. He always seems busy and is constantly flustered but never refuses to help anyone who has authorization to ask.


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