"Crash" RX-13

RX Series Pilot Droid


“Crash” is your standard RX Series Pilot droid.


“Crash” is the current co-pilot on The Banshee. As with all RX Series Pilot droid he is programmed to be able to pilot various ships of all shapes and sizes. Sirona purchased “Crash” when her co pilot, Jared Dronos was killed in aa incident a while back though not much is known about it. Since then Sirona has grown quite fond of “Crash” even to the point of giving him a name where most droids just go by their model number, she has never given him a memory wipe so he has developed a rather colorful personality. he is constantly complaining and worrying about all kinds of dangers knowing full well the story of her last co-pilot. He is pretty much afraid of all things and thinks the littlest things will be the death of him. Apart from all of that he is quite fond of Sirona as well.

Last Known Location – The Banshee

"Crash" RX-13

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