Captain Sirona Okeefe

Captain of The Banshee


Strikingly beautiful in her mid 20s with long blond hair, very flirtatious, and very outgoing. She can drink any man under the table and beat her fair share of Sabaac players.


Pilot of The Banshee. She obtained the ship beating quite a few nobles at Sabaac and various drinking games. With all her money she bought the Baudo Class Star Yacht that she would then call The Banshee for a very reasonable price by being flirtatious. With a new ship and some freedom she took to space doing various freelance missions with her Co-Pilot Jared Dronos. Together they conquered everything from smuggling to transportation. Due to an unfortunate incident Jared was killed though not much is known about it. Shortly after his death she bought RX-13, a pilot droid to help pilot the ship. Through the years she has grown quite fond of him, even gave him a name “Crash” because of how paranoid he is about being killed in all sorts of crazy ways. She is quite fond of him. The outcasts met her at Gundark’s cantina where she was loudly challenging everyone there to a drinking contest, after the first guy fell no one else volunteered to challenge her so she got bored and decided to try her hand at Sabaac. Hilliard and her sat down at the table and knocked various players out. She had so much fun she offered to pilot them off the Sel Zonn station when they needed to leave. Later the outcasts learned that she was actually working with Maya and Bail Organa all along. On the next mission she flew them to the planet Felucia where The Banshee almost crashed but thanks to Sirona and “Crash” there was minor damage. After the outcasts rescued Admiral Gilder Varth and destroyed the Imperial Facility she flew them all to the Resurgence where they were offered permanent quarters in exchange for helping out the Alderaanian Resistance.

After a month on the Resurgence, Admiral Gilder Varth sent them on a mission to investigate a secret Imperial project called the Sarlacc Project. In order to look into the project the outcasts were taken to Cato Neimoidia on the Banshee where Sirona landed the craft at the spaceport in Zarra. Staying behind to guard the ship Sirona told the outcasts to be careful, and if they needed her for anything to just radio her and she’ll do her best to help.

Their journey to Caito Neimodia came to an abrupt end when the outcasts found an unconcious Jedi Master, Denia, locked up in the Hutt’s dungeon. Having obtained the information they were waiting for the outcasts busted the Jedi out and made a break for it meeting much resistance from Darga’s Thugs and his Majordomo Igren Demos, a force sensitive who was responsible for the Jedi’s captivity. With the help from an unlikely ally in a Gamorrean guard, Bouncer Karl, the outcasts escaped back to Sirona’s ship following the already cold trail of Darga the Hutt to the planet Bespin, in Cloud City. While on Cloud City Sirona and Crash monitored Imperial chatter during the events of the Sabaac Tournement to help the outcasts pinpoint the location of Darga’s agent and the deal he or she was making with the Imperials.

When the tournement ended in an explosive shoot out between the outcasts, the local security forces, and a few sore losers they made their way through the streets of Cloud City to a seemingly abandoned landing platform where Darga’s ship the Glorious Chariot was docked. Finally catching up to the Hutt the outcasts tried to prevent him from escaping which ended in a fatal shot to Darga the Hutt from none other than his old errand boy Raden, finally serving his revenge after all the years of abuse at his hands. Darga of course refused to tell them anything more about the Sarlacc Project. Grabbing a few of his escort fighters and his luxary yacht, the outcasts made a daring escape into space where they were confronted by imperial forces who were in the middle of cleaning up all evidence of their dealings, which including blowing up the Tibana Gas and the Slaves orbiting the planet. With the help of their allies and Sirona in the Banshee the outcasts overcame the Imperial Forces and sucessfully freed the slave transport from certain doom. After that battle Sirona, Crash, and the Banshee went their separate ways now that the outcasts had their own transportation, The Awkward Turtle.

Last Known Location – The Banshee

Captain Sirona Okeefe

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