Vazus Mandrake

Ex-Separatist Mercenary


Riding a Kybuck this older man has a look of pride in his eyes. Across his right eye lays a scar that he obtained in a battle long ago. He wears the robes of a hermit though one could easily identify them as old Jedi robes that were perhaps lost during the execution of Order 66.


When the Outcasts first bet Vazus Mandrake they learned he was an ex-mercenary on the separatist side that was practically killed during his last battle on the planet Felucia by Clone Troopers. The rest of his Mercenary squad was killed but he narrowly escaped into the jungle and was fortunate enough the Clones did not pursue him. Nursing himself back to health the best he was able in the jungles of Felucia he decided it was best to stay “dead” and soon took refuge in a Felucian village with his Kybucks, which he named after his fallen comrades, well hidden from the rest of the planet in the jungle’s depths. Do to the kindness of the Felucians Mandrake appointed himself their protector and has since been doing his best to protect them from the Empire. Recently the Empire has been abducting Felucians near an old communications facility and doing God knows what to them. For years this went on and Mandrake really wanted to just blow up the damn facility but in his older age and the fact he never truly recovered completely after the battle he didn’t have the strength to do it. He passed his explosive on to the Outcasts and told them where in the facility was a good place for it to be planted. Before they could leave a scout trooper discovered the location of the village and Mandrake pleaded for the outcasts to stop him for the protection of the Felucians. After they succeeded they left for the facility never seeing Mandrake again.

Last Known Location – Felucia

Vazus Mandrake

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