Warrick "The Doctor" Raden

Pesonal Errand Boy of Darga the Hutt


This ominous looking Davaronian is very quiet and keeps to himself. His left eye glows red with a massive scar running across it. His left arm is made of a very strong red metal that looks like it is quite strong and capable. While his leg at first glance looks normal, a more careful inspection would reveal that it is also a robotic leg disguised to look like a regular pair of boots as to not draw too much attention to himself.


The Outcasts first met Warrick when they went searching for him on the planet of Cato Neimoidia. After bribing and talking to the local citizens about Darga the Hutt, a neimoidian named Borlo at a sleazy dance club called the Gems of Neimoidia pointed them in the direction of Warrick claiming he was Darga’s personal errand boy and that he could be found working the excavation site a few miles north of Zarra. Without any hesitation the outcasts made there way out there, where they stealthily took out a few patrols of Warrick’s thugs until they finally snuck up on him.

Tal reached out with the force to let Warrick know that they were friends and he greeted him warmly. When asked what he was up to Warrick explained that he found a CIS weapons cache that he was going to present to Darga, but when he came back to claim it, it was already gone. Instead of going back empty handed Warrick had also found a medical cache in the same area. When he showed up to Darga’s palace with that he was ridiculed and nicknamed “the doctor” Darga banished him from the palace after that. He has been searching the excavation site ever since hoping to find something else worthy of Darga to get him access back into Darga’s court and his trust. After talking with Warrick for a while the outcasts convince him that they are a worthy gift to Darga since they are interested in joining his court to serve him.

Excited, Warrick offered to take them to Darga’s palace in his landspeeder hoping that when he presented the outcasts to Darga he would be back in his favor.

Unfortunately for Raden Darga was not happy to see him. Though he welcomed the outcasts to stay as guests in his court, he sent Raden to the dungeon to learn his lesson. The next day the outcasts were brought before the court and told to execute Raden to show their loyalty. Secretly not wanting to execute a defenseless person they suggested pitting him in a gladiator match.

When Darga suggested the outcasts battle against his Champion Gladiators out of boredom he threw Raden into the arena during the heated battle where he and Hilliard managed to subdue all the opposing Gladiators and thus being victorious. Darga offered Hilliard the honor of executed Raden publicly, or to take him as his slave. Not wanting to kill him Hilliard lied and said he needed a good slave in hopes to set him free when they leave the palace out of Darga’s court.

After obtaining the information they came for the outcasts fled Darga’s palace followed closely by Raden. Hilliard, as promised, set Raden free but having no where else to go and worried Darga’s wrath could reach him no matter where he hid, he decided to join the Outcasts in their journey hoping to pay them back for setting him free.

In Cloud City the Outcasts finally caught up with Darga and with a well placed blaster shot clear across the docking bay Raden landed the lethal blow that would soon end the Hutt’s miserable life. Raden had finally gotten his revenge and was no longer afraid of Darga, but having grown attached to the outcasts he decided to keep traveling with them because he felt he was finally doing something worth while with his life, he was a hero fighting the evil empire and it felt a whole hell of a lot better than a lowly errand boy for a crimelord.

One day while the outcasts were on the Resurgence Admiral Varth obtained some information regarding a business transaction involving Tibanna Gas and slaves on the system of Iridonia. Hoping that it was a lead in the Sarlacc investigation the outcasts sent out Raden to do some recon while they traveled to Tatooine to investigate the mysterious message from Gaph’s past that was sent to the Resurgence.

To their dismay Raden didn’t report in with them or the Resurgence and they were worried that he had been captured or worse. Needing to acquire a special navigation system that would help them traverse the commit belt protecting the planet Almas, they set out to an Imperial Research Facility that Orbited a secure location no where near the usual hyperspace lanes. Once they arrived they located a barely breathing Raden who had been tortured by Inquisitor Draco in order to divulge any information regarding the outcasts and where he might be able to find them. Refusing to talk, Draco decided to slit his throat in such a way that Raden was still alive, yet rendered unable to speak and slowly and painfully dying in the process. As if that wasn’t enough Draco also gauged out his left eye, and cut off his left arm and right leg but Raden still didn’t talk he felt he owed the outcasts too much. Ready to die for the greater good he just sat there in the darkness of his cell until that shimmer of hope when Hilliard shot open the control panel for his cell and set him free.

Upon escaping from the Research Facility they returned to the Resurgence where Raden was given the best treatment possible in thanks for ensuring the safety of the Alderaanian Resistance and the outcasts alike. With the help of Gaph,Qual and the rest of the Resurgence medical team his vocal chords were replaced with a device similar to the vocabulator of a droid but also includes a Subcutaneous Comlink which allows him to communicate with people without having to speak very loudly making it perfect for infiltration and recon. In place of his eye was installed an infrared eye that allows him to see perfectly in the dark. His left arm was replaced with a simple cybernetic limb that reinforces his entire skeletal system so he can take a few hits and not be phased. And finally for his leg a tremor sensor was installed which allows him to sense the vibrations of the ground if someone is approaching him from behind as to not be jumped as easily again.

Since his accident Raden has changed drastically, he is no longer the squirrley Devaronian the outcasts met at the excavation site looking for a lost CIS weapons cache for his douche bag boss Darga the Hutt. He has dedicated his time to working on his espionage and infiltration skills. Where once he was the one who got jumped on Iridonia, now he is the one doing the jumping on the unsuspecting foes waiting in the darkness ready to strike when the time is right.

Last Known Location: The Awkward Turtle

Warrick "The Doctor" Raden

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