Darga the Hutt



Status: Deceased

This Hutt, unlike his peers, is in love with gaudy jewelry, or bling if you will. He even went out and decked out his protocol droid with unnecessary jewels.


The Outcasts are told by Admiral Varth that when he was still working with the empire that he had numerous reports pass over his desk regarding the Sarlacc Project which included quite a few casualties. He knows this is a very important project but not enough to know what it entails. He did, however, hear the name Darga the Hutt and his involvement with the project. With that information he sent the outcasts to Cato Neimoidia where after rigorously searching they finally learned the whereabouts of Darga’s palace. Going undercover into his court the outcasts do their best to curry Darga’s favor hoping that he will trust them enough to let them in on the information about the Sarlacc project that they are looking for. The stay in his court was not an easy one, with several challenges like a gladiator match against the Karg Brothers, various attempts on their lives, negotiations and much more.

Finally their patience and deception skills paid off when they met with Darga and his Imperial benefactors. Seems Darga had a deal with the Imperials to trade slaves for Tibana Gas. Darga was not happy considering his slaves were not selling because they were sick and dying. With the help of the outcasts, Darga negotiated with the Imperials and came to a business decisions that made both parties happy enough. Armed with the information that they were searching for, Darga’s involvement in the Sarlacc Project. They were getting ready to make their escape when in the middle of the night Tal was contacted through the force by a very weak presence in the Force, which originated from Jedi Master Denia who was being kept in a comma to prevent her from escaping. Upon freeing the Jedi Master the outcasts made a daring escape from the palace cutting through hoards of Gammorrean Guards and more of Darga’s lackies. With the help of an unlikely ally in Bouncer Karl they were able to defeat the odds and made their way out safely.

Darga escaped, but soon the outcasts got word that he left and went into hiding on Bespin in Cloud City. Though the search was difficult and treacherous they finally found the location in which Darga was hiding, a seemingly abandoned landing dock where his ship the Glorious Chariot was docked. They intercepted Darga before he escaped in his ship in a large battle where Jack set off some fireworks destroying a few of Darga’s escort starfighters. Darga faught to his very last breath until recieving a fatal shot from none other than Raden, his old errand boy who he was going to execute for his failures until the outcasts intervened and accepted him as a slave. Raden was a lot calmer after that moment having finally gotten his revenge for the years of torment and torture. With Darga dead though, so ended his involvement with the Sarlacc Project.

Darga the Hutt

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