This particular Trandoshan is more menacing then most. His right eye has been replaced with a metal one and there is a large scar across his left eye.


Namek was one of Jabba the Hutts most promising slavers. Towards the end of the clone wars, when Tatooine was all but abandoned by the Republic, Jabba ceased control once more. With no more supplies from the Republic he was forced to fall back on one of his most favored pastimes, human trafficking. He called upon Namek, one of the best slavers in the outter rim and demanded that he acquire some merchandise however he could manage. He made a habit of storming into the homes of innocent civilians and forcing them into Slavery. Among the many homes he raided was the home of Hilliard Sabel and his wife Claire and daughter Rima. They were abducted in the middle of the night and personally chosen by Jabba to be his own slaves. Forced into a life of slavery Hilliard finally had enough to broke free with his wife and daughter in toe. Unfortunately the girls were captured by stormtroopers as he was urged forward by his wife yelling, don’t worry about us save yourself. Hilliard made a vow to one day return and liberate his family from slavery once and for all.

When investigating the Sarlacc Project in the court of Darga the Hutt Namek showed up before him, just within his grasp, but because of his cover he remained cool and let him slip through his fingers again. After a brief argument with Darga the Hutt and a botched attempt on his life Darga threw Namek and his slavers out of his palace. If there is truly an all powerful force then Hilliard is destined to run into him again, and only then will he truly be able to have his revenge.

Last Known Location: Cato Neimoidia


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