Igren Demos

Majordomos to Darga the Hutt



This suspicious Neimoidian is especially creepy looking. Unlike most Neimoidians, his eyes seem to glow a more ominous red that could be spotted from a good distance away. His features are twisted which makes it hard to ascertain his age.


During their investigation into Darga the Hutt’s involvement with the Sarlacc Project the outcasts met a rather suspicious and untrusting Neimoidian named Igren Demos. He was Darga’s oldest, most trusted and loyal adviser, his Majordomo. Ever since arriving the outcasts can’t shake the feeling that those glowing red eyes are constantly watching them as if studying their every move. Even after spending a few days in Darga’s Palace he barely even said two words to them.

When the outcasts finally found the information involving the Sarlacc project out they decided to make a break for it. Before departing though they came across a comatose Jedi Master in the dungeons of the palace. Upon freeing her they came to the realization that her captor was the Majordomo himself. He was secretly force sensitive and was keeping the Jedi prisoner to force her to train him. Refusing to release her secrets from her comatose state Igren upped the dosage of chemicals to put her into a deeper coma where she began to rot away, trapped in her own mind. What he didn’t anticipate was the power of a Jedi’s mind, trapped deep within she gradually over time regained enough strength to reach out telepathically if she were to sense another Jedi nearby.

Angered that they released his prisoner, Igren attacked with what remained of Darga’s forces unleashing his dormant force abilities to try and topple the outcasts, mainly to test his skills against a trained force user. Though Jedi Master Denia was weak she was still able to fight better than most of the guards, and with her and the unlikely aid of Bouncer Karl the outcasts finally overcame Igren Demos. In the dark dank throne room of Darga the Hutt was the final resting place of Igren Demos.

Igren Demos

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