Status: Unknown

This slender Human woman is clearly a veteran of many battles, as she has numerous scars and marks of combat across her face, arms, and hands. Her long blond hair slings over the dark armored clothing she wears, and a perpetual sneer adorns her face.


Shortly after arriving on Cato Neimoidia to search for Darga the Hutt and his dealings with the Sarlacc Project the outcasts were attacked by swoop gang demanding that they pay the landing fee. Leading the pack was Kessra, though she was the only human, and a female, the other gang members followed her willingly and treated her with much respect. When the outcasts refused to pay the ridiculous landing fee she ordered them to attack. After Tal used the force to slam a few of her fellow bikers to the ground crushing them beneath their swoops Kessra quickly fled never to be seen again, or so they thought. While currying Darga’s favor and trying to dig for answers they received a message from one of Darga’s servants that he needed to meet with them in the Aviary. When the outcasts arrived they were attacked by four Kreehawks who was being ordered by Kessra to kill them. After downing all of the birds and subduing Kessra Darga stormed into the Aviary demanding what had transpired. When he heard the story he ordered his guards to take Kessra away and that he would find something useful for her to do.

When the outcasts were breaking out the Jedi Master held prisoner in Darga’s dungeon they freed the other prisoners as a distraction to escape the palace, Kessra however was not amongst them. Thinking nothing of it they went on their way escaping the palace and defeating Darga’s majordomo Igren Demos.

About a year later the outcasts were investigating a mysterious transmission from the Deus Ex Machina addressed to Gaph originating from the Tatooine system. When exploring the seemingly abandoned household the transmission was sent from they were greeted by a familiar face, Kessra, or should we call her Inquisitor Kessra. Trained by Inquisitor Draco to hunt down and capture them, especially Tal. To their surprise Kessra was then apprehended by a small contingent of Jedi who seemed to be able to appear and disappear at will. Taking Kessra to some unknown location the outcasts are unsure where she is or what her status is.


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