Bouncer Karl


Gamorreans are known to be large and threatening looking brutes, honored across the galaxy for their supreme and deadly combat skills with their traditional vibro axes called arg’garok in the Gamorrean tongue. That being said this particular Gamorrean before you is rather a runt compared to most Gamorreans you have come across, though still large in comparison to most humaniod life in the galaxy. Because of this the other Gamorreans seem to pick on this runt who just stands and takes it without much agression, giving the other Gamorreans yet another reason to pick on him.


Spending most of his life in service to the Hutt crimelord known as Darga, the outcasts first came across this procine creature during their infiltration of the palace of Darga. Bouncer Karl, was what he was known as because he more or less was given the insulting title because he wasn’t large and strong enough to be called a guard or bodyguard for that matter. While attempting to curry Darga’s favor by pretending to be interested in joining his organization, the outcasts partook in a rather juvinile activity per Darga’s request which involved racing these little droids around the battle arena. The fun for Darga resided in the simple fact that the experimental control visors have been known to basically fry a persons brain when their droid took any kind of damage while racing. Gaph took up the challange of racing in this event where he tied with Bouncer Karl and both were rewarded with extremely gaudy jewelery from Darga’s personal collection. Bouncer Karl was excited about winning and made a connection with Gaph immediately.

Shortly after the race the other Gammoreans insulted Bouncer Karl as they always do during dinner, but picking on him for feeling a need to wear the ridiculously gaudy jewelery he had won in the droid race. Seeing poor Bouncer Karl suffering Gaph felt the need to give him the edge he needed to get the other Gamorreans off of his back by inviting him to sit next to him at Darga’s table. While such a simple act could seem meaningless to most, what Gaph didn’t realize at the time was the only people allowed to sit at Darga’s table were the top agents in his organization. Going from a lowly Bouncer at the bottom of the food chain up to the VIP guest at Darga’s table immediately shut up the other Gamorreans and filled Bouncer Karl with so much pride and honor that he thought very highly of Gaph for this.

When the outcasts were escaping from Darga’s palace after rescuing the captive Jedi Master Denia, to their surprise one of the Gamorrean’s turned on Igren Demos and began cutting down his bodyguards giving the outcasts the edge they needed to escape unscathed.

When investigating a strange transmission originating from the planet Tatooine, the outcasts found themselves delivering cargo to Jabba’s palace where they came across the Karg brothers, the gladiator team they fought so long ago in Darga’s arena. To their surprise Bouncer Karl was actually a Karg brother, but was disgraced for refusing to kill during a gladiator match so long ago. Bouncer Karl knew that fighting was one of the highest honors a Gamorrean could achieve in life, but felt it was not honorable at all to kill for the entertainment and profit of the scum and villany of the galaxy. Seeing how upset Bouncer Karl was by his exile from his clan Gaph offered to fight by his side in a Gamorrean honor duel to reinstate Bouncer Karl as a member of the Karg clan. After succeeding in a battle team with Gaph, Hilliard, and Qual, Bouncer Karl defeated his brothers and restored his honor in the eyes of his clansmen.

When asked if he would return home, Bouncer Karl declined, he could not turn his back on the good friend he has found in Gaph. Vowing to protect and aid Gaph in his travels for all he has done for him, Bouncer Karl serves the Alderaanian Resistance proving that in difficult times such as these you can still find allies in the most unlikely places.

Last Known Location: Turtle

Bouncer Karl

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