Datapad of Captain Vischera

Entry 1

I may not have approved of an army relying on droids, but I have to say these research notes that were retrieved from the Techno Union are quite fascinating. Apparently they successfully created the perfect soldier on the planet of Nelvaan and the geniuses used the primitive natives as their guinea pigs. I am going to take a page out of their book. It has recently come to my attention that there is such a species on this humid and miserable planet. One of my Stormtrooper Squads caught the little bastards rummaging for food near our base. I have two fine specimens to begin working with. The procedure seems pretty straight forward but I lack the chemical compositions that the Techno Union site in their notes. I am going to have to mimic or somehow recreate the chemicals for my own studies. With all the horrendous fungi and other annoying plants on this planet it shouldn’t be too hard to whip something up.

Entry 2

Unfortunately the first batch I whipped up was rather, shall we say toxic to the specimen. They died within an hour after administering it. I have informed my squadrons to look for more specimens in those dense jungles. From now on any of those filthy bastards are to be apprehended on sight. I have already begun mixing up the next trial run, but without the specimen it is really just a total crap shoot, what else am I supposed to do to pass the time though in all fairness. During my autopsy of the specimen I concluded that the chemical reaction might have been unfavorable but of course it is a step in the right direction. It is rather boring though no one to test it on, if only I had more staff in this building I wouldn’t mind sacrificing that annoying Lieutenant Arden. That little prick is so full of himself he thinks he is on his way to a nice promotion, when in reality anyone, besides me, that is “assigned” to this planet must have done something to piss someone off.

Entry 3

Finally we were able to acquire more specimens for the trials ahead, of course yet again I seem to have concocted something that doesn’t agree with the biological makeup of these specimen. If only I had more data about their genetic makeup it would make things easier, though I find it refreshing to actually have something to study and solve on this planet. If I didn’t have this project I would probably go mad, I am surprised no one else has yet. Back on topic, the new chemical composition I have created is rather fascinating, if not exactly what I am looking for. It seems the ingredients I used, while ineffective on their own, combined there is a side effect of sorts, and by side effect I mean a disease. I managed to create a disease that really breaks down the bodies of the specimen, even though that is the opposite of what I am trying to do here, it is still helpful in other ways. The disease starts to break down the bodily defenses to the point where the specimen began to get sick at first, and then the skin color begins to become a sickly grey hue. Finally the muscles became so thin and weak that you can visibly see that they would be unable to support any weight at all. I have begun to work on an antidote, if I can successfully do so I can find a method of healing the specimen in case I make a mistake and accidentally infect them again.

Entry 4

After days of what seems like endless work I have successfully created an antidote to the disease I created. Due to the constant studying of the specimen’s biological makeup I was also able to create a healing stimulant based off the blood platelets of the specimen. This can be injected directly into the creature in order to manipulate the platelets to begin healing the specimen at a much faster rate then normal. If I were able to test it on a human specimen I think it would work just the same, however the human blood platelets are more complex and cannot handle the strain and though it would help heal the person faster, it would wind up being problematic as it eventually adds up to a persistent condition that would probably, with too much use, render the person unconscious or even dead. I reported my findings to the Admiral who informed me that the Empire was very interested in my discovery. I also told them that the biotoxin and the stimulants I created could be modified for different species with much ease. It is amazing how much I am discovering by studying these specimens.

Entry 5

This is getting frustrating. Although I have all but perfected the biotoxin, I am still too far away from my true goal. I was ordered to mass produce more of the biotoxins to be picked up and taken to other research facilities to further the study for different biological specimens. I think the goal is to be able to utilize the toxin to eliminate some of the more vial alien species in the galaxy and blame it on a plague of some kind. I am grateful they passed off the next phase of that testing to other facilities so I can finally get back to work on making the perfect soldiers. The healing stimulants I created have been very effective at keeping the specimen alive. I imagine the specimens are in tremendous pain, but since I can’t speak their mush mouth I really couldn’t determine how much pain they are in, which is unfortunate, I do enjoy inflicting pain upon them though. It is also important for the next phase of the experiment since I have to break their minds so they can be “reprogrammed” to do our biding and pain is a tremendous tool in that respect.

Entry 6

Finally! I have been able to recreate the mutagen with great success, though it is not the exact formula I can’t help but feel mine is far superior. After injecting the specimen with the mutagen they have been gestating in the bacta tanks for a few days now. Their mass has already increased greatly, and their muscle is at least 10 times stronger then they used to be. The next phase will involve a bit of surgery in order to replace their hands with the blades. I figured after I am done with them the creatures will be too stupid to be trained to hold and use a weapon properly, so if I remove their hands and replace them with blades it is a matter of simply smashing their targets with their enhanced strength. I can’t help but feel a certain fondness for these specimens. There have been so many failed experiments I have lost count the amount of specimen I have gone through, but these two by far are the ones I have had the longest. I have decided to give them names, Kargrek and Hagark. If I am successful I will appoint them my own personal body guards.

Entry 7

Things have become unnecessarily complicated. Apparently my commanding officer has been found out as a traitor. I was able to use some of my biotoxins to interrogate him. I have been unsuccessful thus far at finding out who he has been contacting. Even our technician can’t determine the recipient because of a very well established encryption. I have been appointed the new commander of the base which angers me because I am being ordered off the project so I can more adequately run the base. Thankfully Kargrek and Hagark were a success. I am hoping my lab assistant was paying enough attention to my work these past few months because he is going to have to replicate the experiment without me. It is a fate worse then death to be reassigned to commander and taken off my experiment when I have already made so much progress but at the same time that traitor sickens me and I don’t mind interrogating him a few more times just for the hell of it until that Inquisitor gets here. What I wouldn’t give to see the techniques those Inquisitors use, I hear they are able to break a Jedi Master in a matter of hours.

Entry 8

The empire ordered more of my biological resources for more research facilities across the galaxy. It was the first time I have been back in the lab since I was forced to leave it. It was a good feeling. The specimen that my lab technician created are not too bad, though I feel Kargrek and Hagark are far superior, but that is to be expected considering my technician doesn’t have half the intelligence I possess. Even if I wasn’t put back on the project it was still good to get a glimpse. Of course after all was said and done I had to report back to the command center and supervise the loading on the roof of the biological resources making sure the mooks didn’t damage them and release a plague upon us in a moment of stupidity. The Inquisitor will arrive within a day and perhaps after a meeting with him I will learn a thing or two.

Datapad of Captain Vischera

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