Gaph is a Ryn Tech Specialist. All his life he has been fond of technology of all kinds and has been known to get carried away with his work at times. He is the tech guru of The Outcasts. When faced with trouble he tries to rely on his technological genius to get through, whether it be hacking into the Imperial Network, or hot wiring a blast door he does what he must, and records it all in his datapad for future review.


Gaph was always on the move in life, never settling too long in any one system. He was always far too excited to explore the galaxy and see the untold amount of technology that he could master and create. At a very young age he was an apprentice of a great technological genius named Raul Huurlek. He was an older Gran who shared the same fondness of technology that Gaph felt. He worked years under his tutelage until Raul recommended him for a project that an organization calling themselves the Deus Ex Machina was developing.

Gaph was excited about the whole idea of working for the organization so he was flown to their remote capital ship called Hope’s Folly where he was given quarters and a lab to work in. The first day on the job the commanding officer aboard Hope’s Folly presented the research team with pieces of a droid that they claim to have scavenged from an abandoned Confederacy of Independent Systems, or CIS base that was dismantled during the war. Gaph had never seen technology like it before. It was far more advanced then he had ever seen in a droid before.

The goal of the project was to replicate the parts so they could mass produce the droid for a profit. The problem with replicating the parts was that they didn’t seem to actually work together. It felt as though something important was missing, but Gaph wouldn’t let that stop him. During the day he would work on replicating the parts as asked, but at night he would hole up in his room and try to get the parts to work together by creating a fully functioning droid. For a few years he worked on the project and hid his secret project in the confines of his room. One night when he was working he heard a commotion out in the hallway. He quickly peered out to see a squadron of Stormtroopers shooting the crew and other researchers while tearing apart the ship as if searching for something. Gaph realized they were probably here to steal the technology and claim it as their own, and he figured they weren’t going to be leaving any witnesses.

Fearing they would discover the work he had been doing he quickly disposed of the droid down the incinerator so they couldn’t use it for themselves. He did his best to stealthily navigate the corridors to the escape pods and successfully get away unscathed. He was able to navigate the pod to land safely on a nearby moon which was very remote, but wasn’t completely devoid of life. Laying low there for a while he finally got enough credits together by taking a few odd jobs to repair droids and other electronics. With that money he finally bartered passage off the world and kept right on running, fearing staying in one place for too long. He was convinced that the Imperials might have obtained the crew manifest and were now hunting him down for the knowledge he obtained on the project. He also copied a lot of notes and schematics in his datapad before he left, hoping he would be able to replicate the droid some day.

On the Run

He has been on the run from the Empire for a few years now, afraid of staying in the same place too long. There was a point in time where he found himself engrossed in his work so much that he lost track of the time he was spending there, in Cloud City on the planet Bespin. He had set up shop in a cheap storage facility he rented where he was desperately trying to replicate the droid schematics he had copied into his datapad. One day he was buying some parts from the local droid shop when he was stopped by a patrol of Stormtroopers on the basis of suspicious activity. The troopers picked on him and confiscated his “contraband” and served him with a subpoena to appear before the local Imperial Court on the following morning. Paranoid with fear Gaph grabbed a few supplies and his datapad and paid the rent for the next few months hoping to return to his work in the near future. Desperate to get off the planet he chartered passage with the Freebird Transport Corporation where he found himself grounded on the Sel Zonn Station. The Imperials grounded the vessel under the suspicion of illegal activities. After being told that every passenger needed to be processed, worried he would be caught he broke off from the other passengers and disappeared into the crowd where he and two other passengers were stopped by a girl named Maya, and that is where his adventure truly began.


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