Hilliard Sabel

Hilliard is the soldier of the outcasts. Born and raised on the harsh world of Tatooine, where he found himself and his family a slave to the Hutts, he honed and trained his skills knowing one day they would mean the difference between life and death in this harsh war torn galaxy.


Hilliard was born on the desert planet of Tatooine beneath its twin suns. From the start Hilliard wanted desperately to make a difference in the galaxy. Born on the outer rim, and far too young to join in the war, Hilliard took up the mantle of Commander in the local Tatooine militia. When the Hutts put their support into the Republic Hilliard was personally trained to be a soldier by a clone trooper named Chip. Chip was assigned to Tatooine in a small detachment in order to maintain peace and thwart any attacks by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. As the war raged on supplies started to dwindle, and even Chip’s small detachment was called back to the core worlds as the CIS grew desperate and attacked them in a last stitch effort to gain a foothold in the galaxy. Left without the support of the Republic detachment, Hilliard struggled desperately to maintain order on the hostile planet of Tatooine, but times were rough. With the decrease in supplies coming into Tatooine the Hutts started relying on human trafficking to make any kind of profit. With no Republic and no law it was a hopeless battle, but Hilliard never gave up.

One night, Hilliard, his wife Claire, and his daughter Rima were abducted out of their own home by a band of Trandoshan slavers. They were being herded to a bunch of slaver ships when they were stopped by Jabba the Hutt. He carefully looked over the group and selected Hilliard and his family before sending the slaver on his way. Jabba told Hilliard that if he didn’t serve him, that he would make an example of his family. Forced to agree Hilliard became a bouncer at Jabba’s palace while his wife danced in a skimpy outfit for the Hutt’s amusement. His daughter, Rima, served drinks to Jabba’s “Clientele”

One day there was an argument between Jabba and a Trandoshan slaver named Namek. Namek argued that Jabba needed to relinquish more of his slaves because a representative of the empire was coming and they needed a sign of good faith before they guaranteed doing business with him in any way. Jabba was reluctant to trust the Empire. He liked running things on his own.

The next day an Imperial Officer came into the palace to talk to Jabba about doing some kind of business. Hilliard was guarding the door and not paying too much attention to the conversation. Suddenly, in the corner of his eye Hilliard saw the Imperial Officer grabbing at his wife. Containing his anger he let it slide, but he really wanted to do something about it. During the night Hilliard had enough when the Imperial Officer requested a meeting with Claire in his quarters. Following close behind Hilliard seized the opportunity and grabbed the officer from behind and snapped his neck. Grabbing Claire and Rima he quickly fled from the palace pursued by a squadron of Stormtroopers. Shots were fired and eventually Claire and Rima both stumbled. Hilliard turned to go back but Claire shouted to save himself. Conflicted his decision was made for him when the Stormtroopers grabbed the girls. He kept running. He eventually made it into the city where he used all the credits he had acquired at the palace from Sabaac to barter passage from a smuggler who was heading to Cloud City.

Once he was there he managed to get a job as a bouncer in a cantina for a few years living in hiding afraid of the repercussions he would face for killing that Imperial Officer. He desperately wanted to return to Tatooine to save his family, but he didn’t even know if he had a family left to save. One day Hilliard had quite a scare when he noticed that the imperial presence on Cloud City was growing as more and more recruitment centers were built to increase the numbers of the Imperial Army. Scared that his past would finally catch up to him he bartered passage from the Freebird Transport Corporation where he was grounded on the Sel Zonn Station by Imperials for suspicion of illegal activities. They wanted to process all the passengers but he was worried they grounded the vessel looking for him specifically so he slipped into the crowd where he and two other passengers were stopped by a girl named Maya, and that is where his adventure truly began.

Hilliard Sabel

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