Tal is a Jedi Padawan that lost his master, Jedi Master Anton Sevarius during the execution of Order 66. Because he was now an outcast and fugitive he went into hiding attempting to mask his force sensitivity from the evil Inquistors that were now hunting down, torturing, turning, and even killing what remains of his once noble order.


Only a young Padawan when the Clone Wars began it was a harsh environment to train in. Instead of the comfort of the academy because all of the Jedi Masters were spread thin across the galaxy, the padawans were trained out in the battlefield. Although it was hard for Tal, he trusted and cared for his Master Sevarius. He couldn’t ask for a better teacher, and Sevarius couldn’t ask for a better padawan. After seeing many battlefields on many planets, Tal and Sevarius were stationed on the planet Onderon near the end of the war. At this stage of the game the Confederacy of Independent Systems, or CIS, were so desperate that their attacks were relentless and non stopping. It felt as though Tal was fighting a battle every few minutes. He was growing tired and weak, but he would not give up as long as his master fought by his side.

It was an especially hot day and they had just fought three waves of battle droids along side their clone squadron. Master Sevarius and Tal were visibly tired and worn out from the lack of sleep they had been enduring for a week straight as the battle droids kept coming down on them hard. They had just dispatched another wave when Tal noticed the clone commander talking to a cloaked image through his holo projector. As the image faded he signaled to the other clone troopers a signal he had not ever seen on the battlefield before. Tal and Sevarius both felt something in the force in just enough time to ignite their lightsabers to deflect the hail of blaster fire that their own squadron shot them with. It was intense, having traveled with the two for so long they seemed to know their strategies and their every move. Overrun Master Sevarius stepped in front of Tal and commanded him to run into the jungle to the west. Tal didn’t want to leave his master behind, but he wasn’t about to disobey his orders. Tal turned and fled into the woods as fast as he could. The sound of blaster fire began fading in the distance until finally it was silenced just as Tal felt an overwhelming disturbance in the force as he felt the lives of several Jedi slip away in that very instance.

Tal assumed the worse, with the pain emanating from the force he could no longer feel the presence of his master. He sat silently on a fallen tree in an effort to meditate, but all he could do was cry. Grief was an emotion he should not give into, but he couldn’t help it. The pain in the force was too unbearable, and he had nowhere to go. The clone troopers would find him and he would be killed just like his master. Darkness soon fell over the forest as Tal finally got up the strength to move out. He came across a pack of deactivated battle droids scattered about with a squadron of clone trooper corpses lining the grounds. He located a downed Arc 170 Fighter which was still relatively in tact. Taking no chances he ignited the engines and started to fly out of the atmosphere. Once he reached the stars he plotted a course to the nearest star system. The ship however, had a damaged hyperdrive so he would have to rely on flying in real time hoping that a system isn’t too far away or another ship would find him in the blackness of space.

After a few days the ship’s engines finally gave out and he was floating helplessly through space with no one in sight. He figured he didn’t have more than a few hours of life support left. Ready to accept his fate he just meditated in silence. His meditation was suddenly broken when his ship was being pulled into another ship via tractor beam. He did not recognize the ship as a republic vessel, or a CIS vessel for that matter. It was a beat up old Dynamic Class Freighter. Once he landed in the ships small docking bay he found himself surrounded by a group of scavangers holding their blasters at the fighter. Tal quickly stashed his lightsaber under the seat and climbed out of the fighter. He was approached by a male duros who looked him over carefully. The duros ordered the crew to drop their weapons and escorted Tal to the cockpit where he told him that he could take him as far as Cloud City on Bespin but he will have to get off then. Tal thanked him and asked why he would help a stranger to which the Duros told him that a Jedi saved him and his family a while back and says he owed Tal that much. He also told him his name was Jenssar Bane

Tal made his way back to the fighter and grabbed his lightsaber and rode with this crew for a full day before they reached Cloud City. Jenssar gave Tal a couple hundred credits telling him to take care and beware of imperial presence. Tal said his farewells and disappeared into the streets of Cloud City. Getting a job at the local archives as a librarian Tal spent a few years living in peace hiding that he was a Jedi, cutting himself off from the force for fear of being detected.

One night Tal was awoken by a strange dream, a vision of his old master appeared before him to warn him of a danger that lurks nearby. Before the vision had ended he was thrust into the pit of a Sarlaac before awaking in a cold sweat. Fearing he may be caught Tal uprooted his life and used what little money he had to barter passage from the Freebird Transport Corporation. The shuttle was grounded on the Sel Zonn station by the Imperials for suspicion of illegal activities. All of the passengers were told they would be processed, so for fear of being discovered he slipped away into the crowd, where he and two other passengers were stopped by a girl named Maya and that is where his adventure truly began.


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