Unknown Datapad 1

While searching the ruins of the Almas Academy, a thorough search of one of the dormitories on the second level by Gaph revealed a while hidden corpse of a recently killed body. Upon this body Gaph found a datapad bearing the logo of the Deus Ex Machina. This is all that the datapad contained.

Entry 21

Initializing HoloRecording…

It is as I feared, as I make this holorecording we are being boarded by Imperial Stormtroopers. I am told it is the 501st, the most elite. They only dispatch the 501st for the most important of missions. I have locked down the bridge; I think we have been betrayed. That is why you cannot trust people, you cannot control them like a droid and they can easily be corrupted by greed. The reason I say this is because they managed to jettison all escape pods save for one, probably saving it for themselves. Even if we could fight our way to it, it is unfortunately at the tail end of the ship opposite the bridge. I swore I would protect you with my life but I have failed.

The blast doors are being cut open as we speak, it looks like a lightsaber blade. We are doomed, I have failed you, friends…I am sorry…

…End HoloRecording

Unknown Datapad 1

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